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Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce our fourth tournament, Fullmetal Conquest!


This will be a Conquest tournament. Conquest features five PvP-heavy gamemodes which are: 5CP (5 Control Points), CTF (Capture the Flag), KotH (King of the Hill), KotF (King of the Flag), and TDM (Team Deathmatch).


This tournament will encompass 2 weeks and feature a qualifier leading into an invitational. We will release more information about the nature of the invitational and qualifying rounds once we know the amount of teams participating in the tournament.

Team Information

Teams must have at least 7 players registered on their roster, up to a maximum of 12. In official matches, teams must have at least 5 players on the field, up to a maximum of 7.

Email [email protected] regarding any issues with our teams system.


To register for this tournament, you must first have an account on our website. After creating an account, you can follow the registration guide on our FAQ here. Please remember that all members in the roster needs to accept their participation.


We use Discord to communicate with teams during tournaments. Each team will have their own voice and text channel. Once your team is confirmed, an access token will appear on your team's page. Put the access token in the #registration channel in the Event Discord to be added to your team's text and voice channels.

Click here to join our event Discord.


Full information on the map pool can be viewed here


We have a team of Scrimmage Hosts who will be hosting public scrimmages on /server event. These are primarily for the purpose of testing maps, and run on a first come, first serve basis. When more than two teams are present, we follow these scrim guidelines.

For teams that would like to scrimmage frequently, we recommend renting a private server. These have all tournament maps loaded, as well as a variety of other competitive maps. Servers purchased within the next two weeks will receive a 15% Discount. Click here to buy now and claim 15% off


All teams must have at least one player who is fluent in English. Furthermore, teams must stay in their Discord channel while playing; other voice communication services are not allowed. Links to the ruleset can be found below:


Important Dates

Registration Open: 27 October
Registration Closing: Wednesday 7 November at 23:59 EST
Map Pool Confirmed: Thursday 8 November
Groups released: Friday 9 November
Qualifiers: Saturday 10th November & Sunday 11th November
Invitationals: Saturday 17th November & Sunday 18th November


Tournament winners will get:

  • 3 Mutation tokens each
  • 3 Setnext tokens each
  • 10% off Private Servers for the next tournament
  • Tournament Winner trophy on profile
  • Custom tournament winner star in game*
  • Tournament winner rank in Discord*
  • Ability to control the music bot in Discord*
  • Be able to join full teams*
  • 1.5x Droplet multiplier

The team that gets second place will get:

  • 1 Mutation token each
  • 1 Setnext token each
  • Runner up trophy
  • Runner up rank in Discord*

*only apply until next tournament

Hyped for this :-)

disgusting weaboos

disgusting weaboos

AdamChen 2 months ago

are you going to play this tm adam chen?

BUW Tournament Winner

Hello why is the map pool being released 2 days before the tournament???


Hello why is the map pool being released 2 days before the tournament???

BUW 2 months ago

good question