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Hello everyone,

Today, we will be releasing rotation #18.1. This update removes all Christmas themed maps were removed along with maps that were heavily criticized in the current rotation. Several community members have been contacted about this rotation privately before its release to the public. Shown before your eyes is a conglomerated effort to create a rotation that encompasses the desires and playstyles of a variety of different players in the network.

You may find the spreadsheet here.

Rotation player count activations have been tweaked slightly from the previous rotation. Under each rotation, you may find the current and past activation number. We hope that this activates rotations accurately to the player count of the server.

We would love to hear your suggestions in maps that you believe are a fit candidate for the rotation, should be changed, or removed. Please feel free to leave your comments on Discord or reply directly to this topic. This being said, remember to keep proper etiquette in your constructive criticisms. Expect rotation #19 to arrive at the end of January/beginning of February.

The Map Development Team snowflake

Jexel Map Developer Content Creator
Official Response

Rotation Update #18.2 is now released! The primary focus of this update is to evenly spread out the 4-team maps, fix a couple of bugs, and replace criticized maps. You may find the changes on the same document here.

Directrix in rots, epic

oh look Seahold and Fenland were added :D