Over the past several months it has become increasingly more clear that a smaller rotation is required in the dynamic rotations setup. This is is ensure that matches with 4 players don't occur on maps designed for 14 players and above. If you typically play during a time where there aren't many players online, you likely understand the issue firsthand.

In order to provide better, more suited matches during these low player count periods, we are looking to build a smaller rotation filled with maps designed for 10 players or less. This would include team maps with a max player cap of 4v4 to 5v5 and free-for-all matches which support from a maximum of 8 to 10 players. Currently, most of the Micro maps are still too large and often feel empty with very few players, so these smaller maps will be aimed towards creating fun and exciting matches even with the small team sizes.

Dynamic Rotation Changes

To properly cater for these changes, we will be reshuffling the dynamic rotations setup to better respond to the player counts. This hasn't properly been revised in quite a while and now seems like a good time to do so. The current 5 rotations will remain, with Micro being shrunk down even more to become the new rotation for low player counts. The remaining 4 rotations have then been adjusted accordingly to cater for our existing map selection. These changes can be summarized as the following:

Rotation Supports Teams Sizes Activates At
Micro <10 players 4v4 - 5v5
Mini 16 - 24 players 8v8 - 12v12 12 players
Medium 32 - 40 players 16v16 - 20v20 26 players
Mega 48 - 56 players 24v24 - 28v28 44 players
Mammoth 64+ players 32v32+ 60 players

Why not add a 6th rotation?
While seeing everyone come up with new names for this rotation was fun, the reality is maintaining 5 separate rotations is tough, and trying to find the right balance of maps to give everyone something to enjoy is even tougher. Adding another rotation on top of that load just isn't something we are prepared to do. However, we believe we have found a good place after reshuffling the existing rotations to incorporate these smaller maps.

Our Expectations

We want this rotation to be like any other but with maps that are specifically designed for small teams in a public environment. We are not looking to create a rotation of arcade-like maps. This rotation will be composed on both team and free-for-all, objective and deathmatch maps. Maps need to be fun and enjoyable with few players. Not too cramped, but small enough that you're not searching for the other team for 90% of the match. Team sizes for these new maps would be maxed at 4v4 and 5v5 and limited to 2 teams for team-based games, while free-for-all maps must support a maximum of 8 to 10 players.

Feature Standardization

We also want to take this opportunity to standardize common aspects of maps for this rotation, including kits, time limits, kill rewards, and monument modes. Over the years standards and expectations of maps have changed, which has resulted in simple aspects to be wildly different from map to map. With this new rotation, we want to make the maps as coherent as possible, while still retaining their unique aspects. We have written a document detailing what we will be standardizing which can be found here.


These changes will make the basis of the Rotation Update #19 changes which we aim to have ready to be shipped out by early February. This means if you want to create a map for the new Micro rotation or any of the others, you will need to have it completed, packaged, and submitted before the 31st of January for us to properly prepare it. Please refer to the Maps in Demand thread for more information regarding which maps we are currently in need of. We look forward to seeing what you can create!

Please feel free to voice any concerns or suggestions that you may have regarding these changes. The more detailed feedback we receive, the better we can create a positive experience for everyone.

The Map Development Team.