Magnace. I dont remember where i met you first time I think it was probably around the time of the 1.9 tourney you played with steelwool, or maybe slightly before that iirc. I think youre one of the people i talked more to, since we come across eachother in a lot of things which i like :). So i guess ill base this question time wise. Back then in that time period I thought you are cool and all but didn't really get to know you other than playing constantly with you and Lorys which was hella fun i mean i enjoyed it alot, our building and the retarded shit we were up to. I became closer to you around that time and we talked with eachother about personal things and all, which was when I really was starting to get to know you. I talked to you a bunch on this time and you told me your life story and such : ' ). After that time you offered me to join your team Opium sadly after I trialed for a bit the team disbanded. I think then came the period of time when you were addicted to fortnite - ngl some shit I heard from people about the amount of money you spent on that game made me cringe very bad but It mightve been a comedic exaggeration. We still talked a bit in that time like mostly about computers and such, and it was very funny how you actually let me speak to your dad about your computer ahahaha, although it kinda saddened me seeing how close we were and how much we spoke and then you only contacted me when you had technical issues, and we stopped speaking regularly (cant blame you for it since I was very busy myself around that time) I dont exactly remember all the in between but here we are today on the same team again. I enjoy playing with you a lot - I enjoy conversating with you still when I have the time, I don't get this feeling from many people but when I speak with you I really feel you keep shit real and I cant say how important it is to me. As a player I dont feel you very improved from your best time (I guess you'd say it was around the KFC tourneyment), but that doesnt mean its bad, it just means you got to the level where youre good consistently. If you want some gameplay advice, sometimes from spectating I see you taking spontaneous decisions that arent too well thought out, or in other cases taking the "leadership" to your hands and making calls you shouldn't be calling like sudden pushes that weren't planned, which can lead to losing control of an area in the map (in fact it mostly happens on smoke if it helps :P). In conclusion this opinion sounded like we're a married couple lmao just know i love you <3

That guy is completely nuts

I havent really been paying too much attention for competitive play at the time you were playing defender in the 5v5 scenario (which I guess was badlion), i was more focused on the map side of badlion things. I dont think I remember you ever regularly playing defender in 8v8 matches (Iirc you did that in grim but I cant remember how you did) So I guess id have to say frontline, youre solid at sword and not too bad with the bow.

Yes, it definitely is an interesting question. For me, my performance can be judged by my own angle and by others. Due to my weird ping on most of the US servers (OCN, Stratus, Badlion, Avicus), it was very hard to apply my mechanical skill to the game because of the connection disadvantage, and I had to get around that using stupid tactics that rely on delayed knockback timings. I guess the peak of my mechanical skill was around 2 years ago where I had a lot of time and I pretty much no lifed Pot PVP on eu servers which I do get good connection to, such as PvP lounge and Valux. I used to be very consistent and quite good and beat some famous people. Shame I couldnt apply that skill to the competitive servers.

Oh boy yeah. I used to like him lots, he was very toxic in a hella funny way he used to make me laugh so much, especially when we talked on a daily basis us 3 and I was always getting these expectations of being happy and in good mood while we conversated. I dont think he is very easy to work with in a serious manner though for example when we tried to build, I saw he found it hard to be serious when needed and not constantly fuck around, he is hard to cooperate with and that. Also idk whats the shit that went between you two, you still havent gotten around telling me properly.

Modern art

I know your address and he lives like a block away might as well come visit him too when im in your city

I have an aunt that lives in the suburbs of London, and I visit her on like a 5-7 year basis. I've been to England in 2015, so hopefully soon !

Yeah : )