Today we're releasing Rotation Update #21.3, which sees the introduction of 24 new and returning maps to replace 20 departing maps. These changes will be live after the next server restart.

You can find the spreadsheet detailing all these changes here.

Feedback and suggestions on these changes are always encouraged, so please leave any comments you have in this discussion thread. If you have any questions as to why a certain map was removed/wasn't removed/was added/wasn't added, please also leave a comment in that thread and we'll provide our justification.

The Map Development Team

Heyo, we are now releasing Rotation Update #22! This update includes 14 new maps and 38 returning maps to replace 44 old maps. A decent amount of maps have since been edited, as was mentioned in the discussion thread.

Excluding Micro, the current rotation has 1 rage map in each of the Medium rotation cycles while the others lack any rage maps. Rage is a turn off for many, but others still enjoy it. This rotation we are looking at introducing 1 rage map in Mini, Medium, and Mega, however, they will be placed in the second cycle. This means that while they are still available, they will be playing far less frequently than most other maps.

You may find the spreadsheet detailing the changes here.

You may leave any feedback relating to this update on this discussion thread, feel free to let us know your thoughts.

  • The Map Development Team