Hi everyone.

I'm glad to announce that moderator applications are now open. If you want to apply, read on.

A moderator is a crucial part of any community. Beyond the basic tasks of maintaining order and enforcing our rules, moderators are the main point of contact between the staff and the community. Therefore, it is extremely important that those in the moderator role are mature, fair and approachable people. Like any staff member, a moderator must always abide by the Staff Code of Conduct as well as the rules, and set a good example for all players.

Those accepted will first become Junior Moderators, a temporary rank which gives them some time to 'learn the ropes' of moderating. When the trial period ends, the senior moderators will decide if the candidates are fit for the position. A moderator must be able to commit to spending a fair amount of time in-game, as well as always staying updated on Discord. They must be fluent in English, able to use a microphone, and able to record video evidence. Being able to speak languages other than English will be very beneficial. The applications will be open upon release of this post, and will be closed on Friday 21st June, 23:59 EST. Any application sent after the deadline will automatically be rejected.

If you'd like to apply, head over to https://stratus.network/apply and create an application. Be sure to include the following:

  • Your Discord username
  • Your age and location, including timezone
  • Your previous moderation experience (if applicable)
  • Why you want to be a moderator on Stratus
  • What you think you could bring to the Stratus staff team
  • How many hours you would be able to commit per week, approximately
  • Whether you are able to record video evidence
  • What languages you speak
  • Any other miscellaneous information you think might be relevant

In the topic title, use the following format: [MOD] username, replacing username with your username. For example, [MOD] Eudaldca.

Good luck!

Thanks to everyone who applied! We will review the applications in the coming days. Expect a response in about two weeks.

do I even attempt this again?

do I even attempt this again?

Oilerator 1 month ago

I mean it's been a couple of months, if the mods have noticed an improvement in whatever was holding you back the last time, you might just get it. Not everyone gets it their first time applying.

Gl to all applicants.

For everyone who has been denied in the past: Don't be discouraged! Try applying again. We obviously can't promise anything, but you'll never know if you'd be accepted if you don't apply. Improve your application, and try again. Good luck!

de que sirven los mods si no es para hacer fuego

me please

Dnsy 1 month ago

You guys better mod this man

You guys better mod this man

ImJeezus 1 month ago

I fcuking agree with you Imjeezus lets go sunglasses

Gl to all applicants.

Lucaslyoko 1 month ago

I wish you luck Lucaslyoko on getting Moderator, you got this.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I would say weaboo 511 would make a pretty good mod

Yeah, I'd be a good moderator!

Xerocoles could be a great mod If he applies, I recommend him