VCA Obsidian Series: Capture the Wool

VCA Obsidian Series: Capture the Wool is the fifth in a series of competitive Minecraft tournaments.


1st: €1000 ($1200*)
2nd: €400 ($480*)

What are we playing?

This tournament focuses on 5v5 Capture the Wool matches. Capture the Wool is a gamemode in which five players must work together to infiltrate the enemy team’s wool room and return it to their base. Capture the Wool prominently features not only regular PvP, but also block interaction.

When is it?

Registration closes: September 15th
Qualifiers: September 18th and September 19th
Invitationals: September 25th and September 26th

Where is it?

In this Discord:
On this Java Edition Minecraft Server:

How do I play?

Register with a team of 5-8 Minecraft Java Edition players here.
Get the whole team to join this Discord.

*USD values subject to currency conversion