VCA Obsidian Series: Conquest

VCA Obsidian Series: Conquest is the first in a series of competitive Minecraft tournaments.


1st: €1000 ($1200*)
2nd: €400 ($480*)

What are we playing?

This tournament focuses on 5v5 Conquest matches. Conquest is a group of gamemodes focused on PvP, including Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, King of the Flag, and 5 Capture Point.

When is it?

Registration closes: May 26
Qualifiers: The weekend of May 29-30
Invitationals: The weekend of June 5-6

Where is it?

In this Discord:
On this Java Edition Minecraft Server:

How do I play?

Register with a team of 5-8 Minecraft Java Edition players here.
Get the whole team to join this Discord.

*USD values subject to currency conversion