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Our XML documentation website for defining map specific features

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1 cbd008d JexeI Add block 36 removal documentation (#34) 11 days ago
2 3fe96f0 ALM Proto 1.4.4 23 days ago
3 e1c047a JexeI Update protocol requirements 4 months ago
4 5d996ed ALM Fix some misc issues Fix some things 4 months ago
5 e52eee7 JexeI make payload example not an eyesore 4 months ago
6 8b34c73 JexeI Filter is clickable and not a label 4 months ago
7 3e584cd JexeI Add a POUND symbol 4 months ago
8 75be722 JexeI Edit Nav for Damage Fix scrollspy for Damage causes maybe 4 months ago
9 0a9c519 Pugzy Fix default `permanent` value for KotH (#32) 5 months ago
10 6abba1f Crazy_ Remove mention of Ghost Squadron Basically just expanding on 6 months ago
11 d52ed40 Crazy_ Document team lives 6 months ago
12 5997362 BGMP Merge pull request #31 from CrazyisCreeps/patch-1 Correct UUID format to the accepted form in XML 1 year ago
13 871e31d Crazy_ Correct UUID format to the accepted form in XML 1 year ago
14 76df2c4 JexeI Remove Overcast Network reference 1 year ago
15 a9b6137 JexeI Fix scrollspy for scoreboxes 1 year ago
16 40dcdbe cs_ Fix some issues with the beacon documentation over 1 year ago
17 d59c041 cs_ Fix incorrect quotes over 1 year ago
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19 da3501b ViceTechnicolour Readd AST over 1 year ago
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