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Our custom Bukkit plugins (such as PGM) that control matches and add network features to Minecraft

# Revision Author Description When
1 45d0ff4 ALM Add minumum version requirements to mutations 2 months ago
2 c4b2257 ALM Make block 36 removsl configurable 2 months ago
3 f1661b3 ALM Add a special command for a soecial person 3 months ago
4 7975674 ALM Allow explosions, blood, and arrow trails to be turned off globally 3 months ago
5 2011aac ALM Default wool pre touch metric to off 3 months ago
6 262b813 ALM Kick players who fail to respawn 3 months ago
7 8f611cd ALM Drop flags on match end 3 months ago
8 8a0e315 ALM Merge branch 'master' of * 'master' of Changed required players in game for MVP from 10 to 8. (#105) 3 months ago
9 a48abdb sharkskill Changed required players in game for MVP from 10 to 8. (#105) 4 months ago
10 feae699 ALM Improve freeze observer excemption 4 months ago
11 fa3ddd8 ALM Use prefix for string messages in SimpleChannel 4 months ago
12 e39fc6e cs_ Add server requesting with custom names 4 months ago
13 7ed61a0 ALM Broadcast setnexts to admin chat 4 months ago
14 dab6193 ALM Don't allow observers to be frozen 4 months ago
15 9a07288 ALM Change combat log event priority 4 months ago
16 d132e43 ALM Switch to maven official builder 5 months ago
17 a02be9a ItzaMeLuigi Fix Dynamic Rotations 6 months ago
18 aa46ee6 ALM Implement server requests (#8) * Implement server request API * Add local server request * Finish up server requests 7 months ago
19 ae0ea7e randykinne Capitalize string used in getRotation (#103) Closes StratusNetwork/Issues#265 8 months ago
20 63b3ac4 ALM Add 30 second cooldown to Christmas gizmo 8 months ago