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Our custom Bukkit plugins (such as PGM) that control matches and add network features to Minecraft

# Revision Author Description When
21 152401f ALM Tree is free until the 26th! 6 months ago
22 807a013 ALM Fix Christmas gizmo purchase 6 months ago
23 f61c78c ALM Change tree to coal 6 months ago
24 96c240a ALM Add Christmas tree 6 months ago
25 6073ddc ALM Honor admin chat and reports config (#7) * Honor admin chat and reports config * Optimize imports 6 months ago
26 f57fadd cs_ Ignore empty chat messages (#5) * Ignore empty chat messages * Give an error message for empty messages 6 months ago
27 de85f9f cs_ Readd aliases for global chat 7 months ago
28 deaac28 ALM Don't expose custom death screens for nicked players 7 months ago
29 12fde3c ALM Fix highground death message 7 months ago
30 bb6d4a7 ALM Actually take into account the default value given to findPlayer 7 months ago
31 2f819fd ALM Fix ChatAnnouncer w/ no backend 7 months ago
32 93167aa ALM Fix /stats revealing identities 7 months ago
33 568ce26 ALM Fix outdated cloud build command 7 months ago
34 73bfea9 ALM Fix cloud builds 7 months ago
35 36bacfe ALM Generify HalloweenGizmo, add global purchase perm 7 months ago
36 0250c27 ALM Add ghost gizmo 7 months ago
37 0a04adb ALM Fix headless horseman Adds buy permission Actually mounts the player Disallows broken versions Removes entity on disconnect/dismount 7 months ago
38 baf395c cs_ Fix poll status messages not showing 7 months ago
39 df3bd6b ALM Make poll votes clickable 7 months ago
40 c80830b Crazy_ Remove death messages that were too long (#101) * Fix complications * Punctuation 7 months ago