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Our custom Bukkit plugins (such as PGM) that control matches and add network features to Minecraft

# Revision Author Description When
21 36bacfe ALM Generify HalloweenGizmo, add global purchase perm 5 months ago
22 0250c27 ALM Add ghost gizmo 5 months ago
23 0a04adb ALM Fix headless horseman Adds buy permission Actually mounts the player Disallows broken versions Removes entity on disconnect/dismount 5 months ago
24 baf395c cs_ Fix poll status messages not showing 5 months ago
25 df3bd6b ALM Make poll votes clickable 5 months ago
26 c80830b Crazy_ Remove death messages that were too long (#101) * Fix complications * Punctuation 5 months ago
27 6cf7610 Pablete1234 Make map context a soft reference, and keep a persistent context (#79) 5 months ago
28 1450849 PotatoTheGeek Fix matchstats displaying wrongly (#84) * Implement matchstats command * Hotfix for displaying matchstats * Improvements to the command * this should take precedence 5 months ago
29 72e656e Pugzy Prevent flags from dropping as items. (#87) 5 months ago
30 67f3e14 Pugzy Prevent empty buttons from refreshing the inventory. (#88) 5 months ago
31 ddfd2f9 Uwudaldca Change adminchat freeze message to match format (#92) 5 months ago
32 c57a9d3 MarcRoizman Add "prox" as an alias for proximity command (#94) 5 months ago
33 f3f74b5 ALM Downstream changes (#100) Additions: * Clickable Polls * Halloween Gizmos General Changes: * Bungee players reduced * Broadcast perms are now false by default * Zombie hitboxes removed Fixes: * Minecarts can no longer be moved in lobbies * 1 day holidays now work properly * Staff can see team chat * Headless horseman works * Lobby portals now spam clients with connection messages * Mutation token GUIs no longer show when mutation polls are disabled * Double jump works again 5 months ago
34 530885f Crazy_ Add new custom death messages 5 months ago
35 220f11c ShinyDialga Remove zombie hitboxes due to buggy behavior 6 months ago
36 f4d182d cs_ Make the trophy command permissions default to false 9 months ago
37 a4c478f cs_ Fix staff in observers not being able to read team chat 9 months ago
38 d0d0973 cs_ Make broadcast permissions default to false 9 months ago
39 33c269d ShinyDialga Minor legacy flag fixes and fix extra quotes in chat 9 months ago
40 3492e9a ShinyDialga Fix typo preventing mods from seeing team chat 9 months ago