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Our custom Bukkit plugins (such as PGM) that control matches and add network features to Minecraft

# Revision Author Description When
41 8150624 ShinyDialga Fix hotbar message spam and translations 9 months ago
42 7f26cf9 ShinyDialga Fix OP axes for tools mutation 11 months ago
43 06fd775 ElectroidFilms Only show admin chat server when message is remote 11 months ago
44 9b59cc0 ElectroidFilms Fix team chat from being reset after cycle 11 months ago
45 1eaae36 ElectroidFilms Fix admin chat permission node being defined twice 11 months ago
46 f52b8a7 ElectroidFilms Simplify admin chat permission node 11 months ago
47 cec4d5f ElectroidFilms Use fancy name style for channel messages 11 months ago
48 44481e4 ElectroidFilms Allow cross-server chat messages 11 months ago
49 ac0c821 ElectroidFilms Update cloud build script 11 months ago
50 a147b91 ElectroidFilms Remove fire disable from explosive mutation 11 months ago
51 64512b5 PotatoTheGeek Tweak Explosive mutation 11 months ago
52 54e1612 ElectroidFilms Parse rotations from YML files 12 months ago
53 1c6c6f1 PotatoTheGeek Implement matchstats command (#77) * Implement matchstats command 1 year ago
54 96013eb cs_ Fix incorrect apostrophe in death screen 1 year ago
55 5c17281 PotatoTheGeek Fix stats command revealing nicknames 1 year ago
56 ffaab41 PotatoTheGeek Fix incorrect reference to payload gamemode 1 year ago
57 3adaaba cs_ Readd trial rank handling code 1 year ago
58 2067e56 cs_ Add locales command 1 year ago
59 0539891 cs_ Add a beacon module with particles 1 year ago
60 1d7e83e cs_ Add an optional delay to broadcast schedules 1 year ago