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Our custom Bukkit plugins (such as PGM) that control matches and add network features to Minecraft

# Revision Author Description When
61 cec4d5f ElectroidFilms Use fancy name style for channel messages 1 year ago
62 44481e4 ElectroidFilms Allow cross-server chat messages 1 year ago
63 ac0c821 ElectroidFilms Update cloud build script 1 year ago
64 a147b91 ElectroidFilms Remove fire disable from explosive mutation 1 year ago
65 64512b5 PotatoTheGeek Tweak Explosive mutation 1 year ago
66 54e1612 ElectroidFilms Parse rotations from YML files 1 year ago
67 1c6c6f1 PotatoTheGeek Implement matchstats command (#77) * Implement matchstats command 1 year ago
68 96013eb cs_ Fix incorrect apostrophe in death screen over 1 year ago
69 5c17281 PotatoTheGeek Fix stats command revealing nicknames over 1 year ago
70 ffaab41 PotatoTheGeek Fix incorrect reference to payload gamemode over 1 year ago
71 3adaaba cs_ Readd trial rank handling code over 1 year ago
72 2067e56 cs_ Add locales command over 1 year ago
73 0539891 cs_ Add a beacon module with particles over 1 year ago
74 1d7e83e cs_ Add an optional delay to broadcast schedules over 1 year ago
75 b842deb cs_ Don't fail broadcasts on missing translation file over 1 year ago
76 47a0c13 cs_ Add new death screens over 1 year ago
77 354723b cs_ Let staff in spectator mode mirror player's view over 1 year ago
78 2fb335f Matic0B Add "/kit(s)" alias to class commands over 1 year ago
79 de304a7 cs_ Change Team prefix color to team color and change chat color for team chat to white over 1 year ago
80 2d86703 amactus Make team chat gray (#72) over 1 year ago