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Our custom Bukkit plugins (such as PGM) that control matches and add network features to Minecraft

# Revision Author Description When
61 e3cd39a PotatoTheGeek Add a flag to allow objective modes to be advanced (#59) * Add a flag to allow objective modes to be advanced * Fix constants and modify the messages 12 months ago
62 33156de ShinyDialga Lower height of payload particles and add particle beam to it 12 months ago
63 c09b97a ElectroidFilms Gray team prefixes 12 months ago
64 e69aa47 ElectroidFilms Add '(Team)' chat prefix before team chats 12 months ago
65 5218716 ElectroidFilms Change working directory of queued build 12 months ago
66 7e1ee95 ElectroidFilms Fix incorrect argument 12 months ago
67 d5b9acf ElectroidFilms Add special git build steps to clone into existing directory 12 months ago
68 5cfd94c ElectroidFilms Fix reference error of queued build 12 months ago
69 9090ad2 ElectroidFilms Remove prefixes from all team chats 12 months ago
70 d8fc07e Matic0B Add Payload gamemode 12 months ago
71 e5c058b ElectroidFilms Change build file to use latest infrastructure repo 12 months ago
72 2d73675 ElectroidFilms Do not render flairs in staff list 12 months ago
73 1db09ae ElectroidFilms Shorten the chat prefix for observers 12 months ago
74 af58ad7 cs_ Allow filtering of sudo commands by permission node 12 months ago
75 4cd9787 ShinyDialga Actually fix friendly checkpoints 12 months ago
76 6b38189 ElectroidFilms Allow controllables to define a rollback to neutral rate 12 months ago
77 aca0c38 ShinyDialga Fix non-friendly checkpoint maps 12 months ago
78 d736ecd ElectroidFilms Fix armor stand location for payloads 12 months ago
79 bb52fa1 ElectroidFilms Make neutral state of Payloads to be default false 12 months ago
80 6b88ce7 ElectroidFilms Make Payload minecart a marker armor stand 12 months ago