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Our custom Bukkit plugins (such as PGM) that control matches and add network features to Minecraft

# Revision Author Description When
81 2d73675 ElectroidFilms Do not render flairs in staff list 1 year ago
82 1db09ae ElectroidFilms Shorten the chat prefix for observers 1 year ago
83 af58ad7 cs_ Allow filtering of sudo commands by permission node 1 year ago
84 4cd9787 ShinyDialga Actually fix friendly checkpoints 1 year ago
85 6b38189 ElectroidFilms Allow controllables to define a rollback to neutral rate 1 year ago
86 aca0c38 ShinyDialga Fix non-friendly checkpoint maps 1 year ago
87 d736ecd ElectroidFilms Fix armor stand location for payloads 1 year ago
88 bb52fa1 ElectroidFilms Make neutral state of Payloads to be default false 1 year ago
89 6b88ce7 ElectroidFilms Make Payload minecart a marker armor stand 1 year ago
90 eb6c3ac ShinyDialga Add checkpoints for assault and fix temporary location fix 1 year ago
91 9f73d2a ElectroidFilms Refactor control point logic into a controllable goal 1 year ago
92 068489d ElectroidFilms Restore mutation dynamic rotation check 1 year ago
93 5de12a4 ElectroidFilms Simplify cloud builds 1 year ago
94 c31401e ShinyDialga Temporary location fix 1 year ago
95 5eb88ae ShinyDialga Initial Payload Release 1 year ago
96 f6aa12b PotatoTheGeek Fetch tab list ip from the API 1 year ago
97 406804e ElectroidFilms Remove broken mutation check in dynamic rotations 1 year ago
98 6039d54 ViceTechnicolour Revert "Allow build organizations to be defined in XML" This reverts commit 1657c5f971fb1fd218fcc34ee8db1422473ae098. 1 year ago
99 f3fcbba ViceTechnicolour Allow build organizations to be defined in XML I would like this for this to be a thing <organizations> <organization uuid="uuid" contribution="Lobby Framework"/> <!-- Some Build Team--> </organizations> If not then close me because I have no idea how to code 1 year ago
100 de6db0c ElectroidFilms Make the bomber mutation destroy terrain again 1 year ago