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Our open source fork of Bukkit that is finely tuned for competitive Minecraft

# Revision Author Description When
1 8d6754c ShinyDialga Improve TNT 5 months ago
2 ebc96c5 ShinyDialga Add custom values to TNT knockback 5 months ago
3 0d3e7ca ALM Allow block fall mechanics to be toggled 7 months ago
4 efd6ced Pablete1234 Update misleading readme (#9) Update readme to remove the no longer true statement that it can't be built on windows without the WSL 7 months ago
5 2ff0b6c ShinyDialga Buff knockback from explosions 7 months ago
6 99affe1 cs_ Fix null pointer error 9 months ago
7 b2f3abd cs_ Fix some server client desync issues 9 months ago
8 5351c35 ShinyDialga Actually fix sprinting bug 10 months ago
9 3fde4ed ShinyDialga Re-add w-tapping 10 months ago
10 e4716b6 ShinyDialga Nerf skeletons 11 months ago
11 552d944 ShinyDialga Make fishing hooks cause the damage effect again 11 months ago
12 e1c428e cs_ Don't kick for spamming 11 months ago
13 fe6d31b cs_ Don't kick 1.13 players for tabcomplete 11 months ago
14 fb0b72a ShinyDialga Fix sprint disabling when engaging in combat 11 months ago
15 d384da9 ShinyDialga Rework knockback 11 months ago
16 02f2971 Pablete1234 Fix windows compiling errors 1 year ago
17 c9f81bf cs_ Rebase bukkit 1 year ago
18 151defa cs_ Add a setting to disable shield knockback over 1 year ago
19 4ea4aaa cs_ Add some more patches from paper over 1 year ago
20 5151587 cs_ Add setting to disable advancements over 1 year ago