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# Revision Author Description When
1 456d64c ALM Only announce future events 6 days ago
2 11c1695 ALM Show alert for upcoming UHC 6 days ago
3 251fed1 ALM Fix next event time 6 days ago
4 a0cff70 ALM Catch errors in calendar worker early 6 days ago
5 95a9b3c ALM Sale success that a call i would 18 days ago
6 83c2582 ALM Add sale alert 22 days ago
7 d8a3ffa ALM Move alerts above index content 22 days ago
8 01759ed Crazy_ Remove death messages that were too long (#26) 24 days ago
9 aebf3b2 ALM This is not a drill, Luigi broke the website 25 days ago
10 4b34a48 Crazy_ Update custom death messages 25 days ago
11 68ba976 Eudaldca Fix /appeal language (#23) 1 month ago
12 5748c2e mitchiii_ Update Font Awesome to v5.5.0 (#24) 1 month ago
13 84628bb ALM Add apply and discord redirects 2 months ago
14 3f6d9d0 ALM Add tournament image 2 months ago
15 5dcfbe1 Shawnn Revert randomization of staff roles 2 months ago
16 f1ecfc2 MarcRoizman Add Halloween 2018 Redirect (#22) 2 months ago
17 dcd3c1c ALM Modernize play page 3 months ago
18 85eade6 cs_ Run sync_ratings earlier in CouchWorker startup 3 months ago
19 59201be cs_ Fix error when refreshing usernames 3 months ago
20 fa86265 ALM Fix TE in CalendarWorker 3 months ago