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1 3d8293c ALM Handle no servers being online on the play page 4 days ago
2 e9cb6ac cs_ Don't use url arguments 5 days ago
3 7030f1b cs_ Fix missing semicolon 6 days ago
4 cdf35fa cs_ Add team retrieval endpoints 6 days ago
5 ac992bb ALM Add legacy ban check 6 days ago
6 a595941 amactus Add Conquest Reloaded :) 8 days ago
7 af29733 cs_ Change secrets 10 days ago
8 3da7f39 Vicei Add Nostalgia event redirect (#43) 16 days ago
9 1172e44 amactus Add Guides subforum redirect, remove apply duplicate 16 days ago
10 fd7f7ae cs_ Revert part of previous commit 1 month ago
11 3d17b6a cs_ Bungee name and pod name must match 1 month ago
12 a73356c cs_ Fix underscore names private servers - forgot one place 1 month ago
13 05c9982 cs_ Fix underscores in names breaking private servers 1 month ago
14 97bb397 amactus Add redirect for Ranked 2 months ago
15 97cec9b ALM Fix discord path 2 months ago
16 26b672a Eudaldca Update Discord link (#36) 2 months ago
17 3c2c608 amactus Put on your sunday shoes 3 months ago
18 719abc6 ElectroidFilms Update avatar route to v2 3 months ago
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