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# Revision Author Description When
1 97cec9b ALM Fix discord path 6 days ago
2 26b672a EudaldC Update Discord link (#36) 6 days ago
3 3c2c608 amactus Put on your sunday shoes 21 days ago
4 719abc6 ElectroidFilms Update avatar route to v2 1 month ago
5 21ca020 mitchiii_ Update Font Awsome to v5.8.2 (#38) 1 month ago
6 70ecd69 Crazy_ Re-add Github to website footer (#27) 2 months ago
7 7c31608 ALM Fix announcements ordering (#8) 2 months ago
8 16e0771 cs_ Add limited public api to be used by anax (#35) 2 months ago
9 d9b86ed cs_ update nokogiri to fix bundle on mac 2 months ago
10 7b7c6ed amactus Update autotrophy for 100k (#34) 3 months ago
11 f5069fd ALM Fallback to empty classficiations hash if one is not present 3 months ago
12 cbc69af ALM Fix chat permission check 3 months ago
13 6c5ddcd ALM Fix map classifications breaking edit 3 months ago
14 d30aba2 EudaldC EotW (#33) 3 months ago
15 d223623 cs_ Remove unused raven usage 3 months ago
16 c62b19d cs_ Remove name padding 3 months ago
17 a994c5a cs_ Add private server requesting with custom names (#32) 3 months ago
18 bc82e34 amactus Add into the gamemodes banner (again?) 3 months ago
19 aed3e54 ALM Re-introduce map classifications for tournaments 3 months ago
20 a287293 ALM Fix requestable servers for users with underscore names 4 months ago