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# Revision Author Description When
1 4cf0f9e ViceTechnicolour Upload tournament image (#31) 11 hours ago
2 b239afd ALM Fix requestable servers for users with underscore names 3 days ago
3 9f305da unixfox Fix GitHub unicode assets (#30) 4 days ago
4 51fcfe4 ALM Fix missing servers breaking profiles 6 days ago
5 8894468 ALM Handle services which have already been created 8 days ago
6 7c6823c amactus Add /uhcrules redirect & remove /halloween (#29) * Remove /halloween redirect * Add /uhcrules for linking in Discord posts 8 days ago
7 00ffcc1 ALM Add back banner sanity check 18 days ago
8 0752f59 ALM Add web banners 18 days ago
9 cf94afd ALM Add task to delete empty pods 28 days ago
10 ab22174 ALM Implement server requests (#28) 28 days ago
11 5cb733e ALM Fix event announcement 2 months ago
12 02c3166 ALM Expand UHC upcoming tagline grammar 2 months ago
13 497a49f ALM Lower cache times, and seperate upcoming from daily events 2 months ago
14 3609ab5 ALM Use next field for UHC announcements 2 months ago
15 456d64c ALM Only announce future events 2 months ago
16 11c1695 ALM Show alert for upcoming UHC 2 months ago
17 251fed1 ALM Fix next event time 2 months ago
18 a0cff70 ALM Catch errors in calendar worker early 2 months ago
19 95a9b3c ALM Sale success that a call i would 3 months ago
20 83c2582 ALM Add sale alert 3 months ago