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Ducks: We Are Out Of Rubber!

Team Stats

2657 Wools
484 Cores
2199 Monuments
1.386 KK ratio
1.251 KD ratio
278343 Kills
238981 Deaths

Members 12

Name Role Accepted at
DRAGONRlDER DRAGONRlDER Leader 12 months ago
Bluedu Bluedu Member 12 months ago
mrcookie_13 mrcookie_13 Member 8 months ago
RESRY RESRY Member 8 months ago
dosdemayo dosdemayo Member 5 months ago
Lucaslyoko Lucaslyoko Member 4 months ago
PhantomOrion PhantomOrion Member 1 month ago
Chenay Chenay Member 1 month ago
Rober_ Rober_ Member 1 month ago
d8q d8q Member 7 days ago
Morataa Morataa Member 7 days ago
DYEH DYEH Member 1 day ago