VCA Obsidian Series: Conquest

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We're excited to introduce VCA Obsidian Series: Conquest! This will be the first tournament in the VCA Obsidian Series.



1st: €1000 ($1200*)
2nd: €400 ($480*)

*USD values subject to currency conversion

Series Points

We will be tracking points throughout this series, which will be used to designate overall series winners and have a final duel with the winner of the offline finale. Below is the point breakdown for this tournament.
1st: 250 points each
2nd: 150 points each
3rd: 100 points each
4th: 75 points each
5th & 6th: 50 points each
7th and 8th: 25 points each
Top 16: 10 points each

Stratus Prizes

1st: 100k droplets each, custom star, and discord rank
2nd: 50k droplets each
3rd: 25k droplets each
4th: 15k droplets each
5th & 6th: 10k droplets each
7th and 8th: 8k droplets each
Top 16: 5k droplets each


Conquest's 4 gamemodes focus on pure PvP, with little block interaction.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

Defend your flag, and try to steal the enemy's! After 12 minutes, whoever captures the most flags wins!

King of the Hill (KotH)

Earn points by capturing hills! In this gamemode, there are 3 hills you can stand on. Every hill gives you points, and the first to 750 points wins!

King of the Flag (KotF)

Hold the flag as long as you can! Teams fight for control over a flag, but be careful — you can’t respawn while your team holds it. The first team to hold the flag for 150 seconds in total wins!

5CP (5 Capture Points)

There are 5 hills, and you have to capture them in order. Teams earn more points each hill they capture. The first team to 1000 points wins, or, if a team captures all 5 points, they win immediately.


  • Registration Opens: Now
  • Registration Closes: Wednesday, May 26th at 23:59 EDT
  • Teams Confirmed and format announced: Thursday, May 27th

Saturday, May 29th, and Sunday, May 30th starting no earlier than 10:00 EDT | 16:00 CEST.
Teams play other teams, and the best move on to invitationals. The exact format depends on how many teams register, so more details will be released when registrations close.


Saturday, June 5th, and Sunday, June 6th starting at 11:00 EDT | 17:00 CEST.
The best teams play double elimination until one team remains, the winner of VCA Obsidian Series: Conquest.

Team Sizes

Teams can have from 5 to 8 members. During a match, 5 people from each team may play. At least 4 players are required to be online to play a match.

Map Pool

Maps are still being considered! To see the current map pool, and to voice your opinion, join the Discord:


Do you have a team? Sign them up here!
Are you looking for a team, or more teammates? Join the Discord to find people to play with!
We’ll also release a wildcard registration form in our discord soon, so you can just fill out a form and get put on a team.


We use Discord to communicate during the event. Each team gets a voice and text channel — you will use these channels to communicate with each other & with our referees during the event. Important announcements and updates will also be sent in the discord.

Please make sure you and your entire team are in the Discord before registration closes.

You can join the Discord here:


All teams must have at least one player online who is fluent in English. Furthermore, teams must stay in their Discord channel while playing. Other voice communication services are not allowed. Keep in mind that by being on a roster for a team in the tournament, you agree to our tournament rules.

During the tournament, teams are expected to be ready for their matches (in Discord) 15 minutes in advance, and will not be given more than 5 minutes to get ready in game once the round has started. Matches will not be delayed due to teams not being ready.

You can find the full, detailed ruleset here.


In our tournaments, we use screensharing as a means to find cheaters. By registering for this tournament, you agree to being screenshared by us if we deem it necessary. Screenshares will always be performed by especially trained staff members, with the utmost respect for your privacy. Please consult our full length screenshare policy by clicking here.


Want to prepare for the tournament? There’s a few ways you can practice:


Every week, people play hundreds of conquest matches in our Ranked Discord. Once 10 people are in the queue voice channel, teams are picked, and a 5v5 match starts.

Ranked Discord:


In our Event Discord, you can find another team to scrimmage in the #looking-for-scrims channel, and a scrim host to set up a server for you in #looking-for-host.

Ranked Discord:

Private Practice Servers

If you are the leader of a team, and you want a private server to practice on, DM Half#6583 on Discord, and we’ll get you one.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Discord!

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