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About Lucaslyoko
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Welcome to my Profile!

► Started playing MC July 5th 2013 , in 1.6.2.

► Started to play OCN July 28th 2013, I played Ghost Squadron.

► Playing Stratus since January 31st 2017, I made the first montage!

► I got Content Creator February 22nd 2017, I also had Livestreamer.

► I play a lot of CS:GO too!.


Social Media

YouTube Twitter Twitch Steam Discord OCN



► Name - Lucas

► Age - 15

► Favorite Gamemode - Rage

► I accept all friend requests.



OCN: Rogue Gamemodes - Midas - 17th-32nd Place

Stratus: RotG - Team Rocket - 5th-8th Place

Avicus: Walls of Steel - Team Rocket - 2nd Place

Stratus: Just Deserts - Team Rocket - 13th-16th Place

Avicus: Battle of Eternity II - Team Rocket - 3rd Place

Stratus: Fullmetal Conquest - Rubber Duckies - 9th-11th Place

Unofficial Tourney: Rage - Epyc - 1st Place


Kill Records!

1st - destint 50th - ShinyDialga 100th - amactus 500th - ItzaMeLuigi 1000th - Tommii_ 5000th - Sorx4s 10000th - xCand 20000th - unixfox



►Beta UHC #7 - To2 w/ Jexel (9 kills, 12 kills total)

►Stratus UHC 1.0 - FFA (8 kills)



80+ Shots

80 80 81 82 83 83 83 83 83 84 84 84 84 84 84 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 87 87 87 87 88 88 88 88 88 89 89 89 89 89 90 90 90 90 90 91 91 91 91 92 92 92 93 93 94 94 94 95 95 96 96 96 97 97 97 97 97 98 98 99 99 100 100 100 100 100 101 104 104 104 104 104 105 105 106 106 107 108 108 108 109 109 109 109 109 110 111 113 113 113 114 114 115 116 116 118 119 121 121 122 123 124 125 125 126 129 129 131 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 143 158


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Started 9/10/17


Legacy Profile!

Started Early 2015 to Late 2016!

Hey there, I'm Lucaslyoko, a YouTuber and Streamer. I record and edit a bunch of stuff like SG, Recorded Rounds, UHC Highlights, Collabs, Shorts, Fails, Pro Memes etc, but by far my favorite thing to edit are my RAGE Monatages. I'm currently on my fourteenth and still going strong. For streaming I stream both Reddit/Badlion UHCs and OCN. So watch some vids and come tune in to one of my streams.


3+ Years of Not 1KD (11/3 on Mini01 at 4:43pm)


80+ Shots


old 80 old 80 old 81 old 82 old 82 old 83 old 83 old 84 old 85 old 85 old 85 old 85 old 86 old 87 old 87 old 88 old 88 old 89 old 89 old 90 old 91 old 91 old 93 old 94 old 95 old 95 old 96 old 97 old 98 old 98 old 99 old 99 old 101 old 101 old 102 old 103 old 103 old 105 old 105 old 109 old 109 old 111 old 112 old 113 old 113 old 113 old 114 old 114 old 115 old 115 old 116 old 117

Just a friendly game of Canopy.

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Records (I have 26!)

Cool Stuff / Pro Memes


Negative Mod Points


mfw someone says Rage is dead


lmao amactus

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too savage


kingoros school of PvP

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free candy

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when i get salty

2hour ranked stream (started at 427)

roasted myself

lag switch op

Cinco doesn't realize I love this

lgmatias xd

we were winning for five minutes


good scrim Shakiru

/stop instead of /cancel


Chill People


imgur imgur imgur imgur

Hackusations / Mean Stuff


Lucaslyono, Lucaslyoloz, Lucasnotyoko, and Lucasyolo2016


Thanks to all of you for nicking yourselves!



wylt into ddlg confirmed

Flag Counter Started 4-14-15

Goodbye Message #1 - RIP OCN

Thank you guys for making this server amazing. Although I never really made a strong impact in the community, I did share my experiences with others. Without OCN I never would have started YouTube, my favorite thing to do, my hobby, my passion, and that is a price I can never repay to OCN. I have spent many years trying to get my KDR to 1, I'm sad that it will never happen. However, the real OCN players will keep OCN alive. This server is and will always be my life. Thank you so much. I love you guys, even Rauzo.

Goodbye Message #2 - RIP MC

Why I'm Quitting So, the time has come. I've proposed this idea in my head several times, but to be honest, I loved this game way too much to quit. The truth is, this game is honestly not that good. The PvP mechanics suck, and the only good community is OCN/Stratus. Everywhere else is either overly toxic or full of little kids. I can't promise that I'm gone for good, you never really know. Maybe if CS:GO becomes extremely boring I'll switch back but I don't see that happening. Even though some of the happiest times were on this game and I met some amazing people, I don't think I can continue to play this. It became boring when I made videos and I could only get it for ten minutes before leaving. I ended up playing CS:GO, a more fun and more complex map instead. I would go through all of it again, just to relive some of those great moments: My first Blitz:SG win, my first OCN rank, my first good rage montage, my first UHC win etc... However, by the end, they all merge together. I love all of you guys and I'm definitely going to miss you, luckily it's easy to stay in touch by discord/ts. Next part is way too long but if you want to read feel free. A LOT of History I wanted to make a video on the history of how I found/played this game. So, it started out in 2012/2013. We were doing an icebreaker at 9/10 year old Lucas' summer camp. We went around and said something we liked to do. I forgot why I said, but someone said 'Minecraft' I had heard the name here and there, but I thought it was a console like the PS or Xbox. Later when I went back to Tokyo after the summer (sugoi) I was at a sleepover. My friend Louis pulled out his iPad, and showed my free pocket edition Minecraft, which I thought was fucking amazing. I started to get interested, and by 2012 winter I was in NYC on my Aunt's computer. I decided to look up 'Minecraft', I somehow found this entire Texan family playing Minecraft on the XBOX. They were all fucking dorks and even though i was super interested by the gameplay the commentary really sucked. When I was skipping through their videos I kept seeing this thing called Twisted Survival pop up. It was by ChimneySwift11, eventually I watched it and learned all about mods and commands and it was my favorite series of all time. I then moved on to his Aether II series, and I would say I watched 90% of his 500 episode long Minecraft Files series. I really loved this guy, because of that I looked at all of his videos, and found a server called OCN. He was playing Ghost Squadron, the second I got back to my house. I asked my mom to get me Minecraft on her laptop. Which she did, I started out not knowing how to move, until I found how to change the commands. I went with a touchpad and the arrow keys, a god PvP move. I started in a jungle. Where I was so scared of everything that I mainly stayed in the plains near the jungle. I mined 7 coal and 2 iron, caves are spooky man. Anyway from there I got on OCN and I showed my friend Billy. We played at my house like 18 hours a day and he often stayed for several days at a time. After playing Ghost Squadron I moved on to Rage which I loved. It was so much fun and I couldn't get over it. However Billy and I mainly played Hypixel, which was fun. I only got on OCN rarely, and when I did I played Rage, I had a 0.02 kd. From there, Billy got banned from OCN for cheating and then we both got banned from Hypixel for a chargeback. Now that Billy couldn't play OCN I mained it, and eventually after four years brought my kd up to 1. A lot happened in between then. I became pretty solid at PvP, I got 2k Elo, I started talking to so many people, I got over being insecure about a lot of shit, I tried to ipgrab latiku's discord as a meme, I streamed a tourney, I won some uhcs, and more importantly I made some great friends. I doubt life would be as assume without you guys, you guys fucking rock.

  • UHC Beta Winner

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  • Sapper

  • Beta Participant

  • 10k kills

96 monuments destroyed

1% of Rear Monument on Moonlight Summit 12 hours ago

4% of Front Monument on Moonlight Summit 13 hours ago

33% of Monument on Molendinis 2 days ago

4% of Right Monument on Relic 3 days ago

2% of East Monument on Azure 3 days ago

11% of Lower Monument on Icescar 3 days ago

11% of Upper Monument on Icescar 3 days ago

3% of Monument A on Pirates Den 4 days ago

3% of Monument C on Pirates Den 4 days ago

6% of Left Monument on Fractal Descent 7 days ago

87% of Right Monument on Fractal Descent 8 days ago

50% of West Monument on Coastline Duo 11 days ago

33% of Cave Monument on State of Decay II 13 days ago

6% of Mountain Monument on State of Decay II 13 days ago

18% of Right Monument on Fractal Descent 13 days ago

6% of Left Monument on Fractal Descent 13 days ago

23% of Left Inhibitor on Rift Redux 13 days ago

63% of Middle Inhibitor on Rift Redux 13 days ago

9% of Monument on Antiquis: Emerald 14 days ago

9% of West Monument on Azure 15 days ago

21% of West Monument on Azure 15 days ago

18% of Left Monument on Fractal Descent 16 days ago

25% of Right Monument on Fractal Descent 16 days ago

50% of West Monument on Coastline Duo 16 days ago

58 wools placed

43 flags captured

15 cores leaked

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