Privacy Policy

Stratus Network collects and stores information about users in several different ways:

  • When you register your Minecraft account with the website, we require your email address,
    for verification purposes.
  • We store your email address securely in our database,
    and it is only visible to our own Administrators and Developers.
  • On your account page,
    you can enter various details about yourself for display on your public profile.
    Entering this information is entirely optional.
  • Many gameplay events are recorded and used to generate statistics and rankings,
    which are publicly visible on our website.
  • All text sent through in-game chat or private messaging on our servers is saved indefinitely.
  • Only Administrators and Developers have access to these records,
    which we use to investigate reports of harassment and other rule violations.
  • The IP address you use to connect to our website or game servers is securely stored in our database.
  • Only Administrators, Developers, and Senior Moderators have access to IP address records.
  • They are sometimes used to find alternate accounts of banned players.
  • When you make a purchase in our shop,
    your payment information is sent directly to either Paypal or Stripe, our payment processors.
  • We do not store payment information on our own servers.
  • All reports and appeals created through our website are visible
    to all Junior Moderators, Moderators, Senior Moderators, Administrators, and Developers.
  • Evidence provided with reports may also be revealed to the player being reported
    so that they can defend themselves.

Upon written request to, and after verification, Stratus Network can:

  • Suspend your account in order to hide your public profile information, forum postings, punishments and statistics
    from being publicly visible on our service.
  • Permanently remove your email address, public profile information and forum postings,
    from our service, and terminate your account.
  • Provide you with your registration email, your Minecraft username history and your recent in-game chat history.
    Your friendships, statistics and public profile information, can be viewed at any time on your profile.
  • You are able to update and/or remove your public profile information,
    and forum postings at any time without account termination.
  • In the interest of Privacy, IP and session records will not be disclosed to the user upon request
    and cannot be removed from the service as they are continuously used
    to find alternate accounts of banned players.
  • Statistics and Punishments can be hidden by suspending your account,
    but will not be removed from the service as they serve as a permanent record of interactions between multiple users.

In general, Stratus Network collects user information only for the purpose of improving our services.
Sensitive information is only visible to our own staff, and only to those staff who need it to do their job.