Appealed Automatic
Punisher Punished Reason Type Status Date
Matic0B pirate900 Hacking - KillAura Ban Permanent 9 hours ago
slayersource tuxedohamm Hacking - Speed, Aimbot Ban Permanent 10 hours ago
BGMP mlehrack Hacking - Speed Ban Permanent 12 hours ago
BGMP alehrack Hacking - KillAura Ban Permanent 12 hours ago
Maxbop JackBO567 Hacking - Killaura Ban Permanent 17 hours ago
tomqss SoyAlexisBroh Do not team grief Ban Permanent 23 hours ago
BGMP Fnio Hacking - AutoClick Ban Permanent 24 hours ago
BGMP ItsiMod You were just warned and kicked, please try to be a good sports Ban Expires in 6 days 24 hours ago
Monti ItsiMod Still shouting KYS straight after a warn Kick 24 hours ago
12x2 iAlejo_O Be respectful in chat (second pushiment) Kick 1 day ago