Appealed Automatic
Punisher Punished Reason Type Status Date
ALM unixbot Massive chat spam attacks Ban Permanent 4 hours ago
CincoDeMayo Senbonzakura98 Cheating is NOT allowed! - Fly Ban Permanent 7 hours ago
CincoDeMayo QuantumBlockFace Cheating is NOT allowed! - Aimbot, Fly Ban Permanent 8 hours ago
tomqss FacuGamePlayz Kill Aura Ban Permanent 9 hours ago
tomqss Ekolie Bhop Ban Permanent 9 hours ago
OCNs_OMEN Bucefalo Don't accuse others of cheating in the chat! Use /report Ban Expires in 6 days 14 hours ago
Lucaslyoko PelotudoBarbaro Hacking - KillAura Ban Permanent 14 hours ago
Sharkskill Miguxhh Hacking - Autoclicker, Inventory Togglesneak Ban Permanent 15 hours ago
Sharkskill sherlocked_kate Hacking - Killaura Ban Permanent 18 hours ago
Pibo kubiszonbochen Hacking - Fly Ban Permanent 19 hours ago
Pibo Hetiso HAcking - Fly Ban Permanent 19 hours ago
Lucaslyoko COQEEINMONTANA Please be respectful in chat! Kick 2 days ago
Eudaldca Lyhfte Ban evasion - FULLBACANO, Leaan Ban Permanent 2 days ago
Kiyara GreeZzy Hacking - Nofall Ban Permanent 2 days ago