Stratus Network Rules

A. Network

These rules apply to all Stratus services.

  1. Be respectful. Don't be rude and be a good sport.
  2. Harassment, threats, doxxing and discrimination for protected characteristics will be taken very seriously.
  3. Spam is not allowed.
  4. Don't advertise. Buying, selling and trading are not allowed. An exception is made for occasional self-promotion.
  5. Don't link to or post inappropriate or malicious content. Link shorteners are not allowed.
  6. Don't accuse other players of cheating. If you think someone is cheating, use the /report command, or make a web report.
  7. Don't impersonate or claim to be a member of staff.
  8. Follow any directions given by Stratus staff members. If you believe a staff member has acted unreasonably, please contact

B. Server

These rules apply on the Minecraft servers.

  1. Don't abuse glitches. For example, placing or breaking blocks in restricted areas.
  2. Don't encourage or trick other players into leaving the game or the server.
  3. If you have an inappropriate username or skin, you will be banned until they have been changed.
  4. Don't give out tactical information or try to disrupt the game as an observer. For example, revealing the locations of players.
  5. Do not team grief. Team griefing is any action which is harmful to your own team. For example, killing your teammates or destroying your team's chests. Please be extra careful when using TNT.
  6. Spawn camping isn't allowed. You must not directly attack the enemy team's spawn or its exits. This includes using TNT, lava or fire. This rule only applies to DTC, DTM and CTW gamemodes.

C. Client Modifications

These rules apply on the Minecraft servers.

  1. You're not allowed to cheat, or use mods or external tools which give you an unfair advantage.
  2. One physical movement of a body part should lead to one press of a button which should perform one in-game action (i.e. a click). Any sort of double clicking, even unintentionally isn't allowed. Butterfly click at your own risk, as it could trigger double clicks. Drag clicking isn't allowed. Setting your debounce time below 10ms violates this rule, as it may cause double clicks.
  3. Minimaps must not show player or entity positions, and they must not show an underground map. You must not be able to see other players' healths.
  4. Togglesprint must only allow you to sprint forwards.
  5. You may not use mods or external tools to save maps.
  6. If you are not sure whether a mod is allowed, ask a senior moderator before using it.

D. Discord

These rules apply to all the Stratus Discord servers.

  1. Stay on-topic within channels. Low quality and non-Stratus-related content belongs in #off-topic.
  2. Do not use any sound or voice effects, or play music through your client.
  3. Be respectful of other people's hearing. Don't make unnecessarily loud or unpleasant noise.
  4. You must not violate the Discord terms of service or community guidelines.

E. Forums

These rules apply on the forums.

  1. Don't make low-quality or pointless forum posts.
  2. Keep your posts on-topic. Post in the correct sub-forum, and don't try to change the topic of a thread. Non-Stratus-related content belongs in the Off Topic sub-forum.
  3. Don't try to provoke other people or groups of people. Criticism and debate should be constructive and delivered with politeness and personal respect.
  4. Don't make a topic just to announce that you are leaving.


These rules apply to UHC matches.

  1. Any kind of mining is allowed.
  2. Stalling is not allowed, unless the scenarios allow it. For example, hiding underground once the border reaches a radius of 100 blocks, or making a skybase within a radius of 100 blocks of spawn.
  3. Indirect combat is not allowed during the grace period. For example, lava buckets, flint and steel, etc.
  4. Teaming with the enemy is not allowed.
  5. Sacrificing yourself to give your gear to the enemy is not allowed.

G. Ranked

These rules apply to Ranked matches.

  1. You are not allowed to manipulate your ELO. This includes, for example, deliberately losing matches.
  2. You are only allowed to register and play using one account. Registering or using multiple accounts is not allowed.
  3. Your Discord registration must match your Minecraft username exactly. If they do not match, you will not be scored. You must update your Discord registration if you change your Minecraft username.
  4. You must not leave the queue after team selection has begun. This will result in 1 loss being recorded against you.
  5. You must remain in the match until it has finished. If you leave the match for more than 3 minutes, or you leave the match and do not rejoin, 2 losses will be recorded against you, and you will be banned from Ranked matches for 1 hour.
  6. Your score report screenshot must show both teams, the scoreboard and the win message. You will not be scored if you do not provide all the required information.
  7. If the match is being hosted on a private server, then you must not abuse any special permissions you have on the private server. This includes, for example, kicking staff members. This will result in 4 losses being recorded against you, and you may be banned from Ranked matches for the rest of the season.
  8. You may only ping roles in the #mentions channel. You must not ping a role more than once within 10 minutes.
  9. Rules B5 (team griefing) and B6 (spawn camping) do not apply to Ranked matches.

H. Punishments

  1. Minor infringements will result in a warning for the first offence. Warnings are only visible to you and moderators. Further infringements will result in either in-game punishments or mutes.
  2. Most gameplay infringements will result in a punishment being issued. The first infringement will result in a kick. The second infringement will result in a 7-day ban. Further infringements will result in a permanent ban. Kicks and bans are visible to everyone.
  3. Most chat infringements will result in a mute being issued. A mute will expire after you have played the server for a certain amount of time, or 7 days after it was issued, whichever comes first. The first mute will last for 1 hour of gameplay time, then each following mute will last for 4 hours, 12 hours and then 24 hours. After you have received 4 mutes, you will receive a punishment instead.
  4. Serious infringements will result in an immediate permanent ban.
  5. Discord infringements will result in a mute, kick or ban being issued, depending on the severity of the infringement and your infraction history. The severity of punishment will increase for subsequent infringements.
  6. You must not evade a ban by using another account to access Stratus services. Accounts which have been used to ban evade will not be unbanned.
  7. If you ban evade, your original ban may be extended to up to three times its original length. Repeated ban evasion will result in a permanent ban for all of your accounts, and your IP address may be banned.
  8. You must not evade a mute by using another account to chat on Stratus services. If you evade a mute, your original mute may be extended as if you had received another mute. The account used to evade the mute may be banned for up to 7 days. Repeated mute evasion will result in your other accounts being permanently banned.
  9. All punishments and warnings may be appealed if you think they are incorrect, or if you think they are too harsh.
  10. Any player that knowingly gives false information in an appeal, report or application may be permanently banned.

I. Miscellaneous

  1. We will give 7 days' notice for any rule changes. The new rules will apply after this period.
  2. The Stratus Network Administration reserves the right to ban or unban any player from any or all Stratus Network services for any reason without notice.
  3. The Stratus Network Administration reserves the right to remove any content from any Stratus Network services for any reason without notice.