Anax Guide

Anax is our custom built map making server which is equipped with a range of powerful building tools to help you create your next map. But before you get started, what are all the commands and how do you use them? In this thread, we will go over how to use Anax and all of its commands.

Getting Started

First things first, you can connect to Anax at Once you're on Anax, you should create your own world. This is your own personal world where you are free to build whatever map creations you can come up with. Check out the World Commands section to see how you can change the rules of this world.

/create <name>Create a new world. World names must not contain spaces.
/map <name>Teleport to a specific map.
/maps [page] [-m|-s <player>]Show all the worlds you can visit. -m flag shows your maps, -s flag shows the maps for the specified player.
/g [message]Sets your default chat channel to global chat or sends a global message.
/w [message]Sets your default chat channel to world chat or sends a world message.

World Commands

Now that you have your own world, these Anax commands will let you change specific details and rules for your world, such as who is allowed to see your world and what events can occur.

/downloadMakes the world available for you to download.
/deletePermanently deletes the world. Must be confirmed with /confirm.
/mapinfoDisplays information about the current world.
/addmember <player> [-b|-o]Adds a player to your world as a guest, builder (-b), or owner (-o).
/removemember <player>Removes a player from your world.
/setspawnSet a new default spawn for the world.
/toggle <flag>Toggles on and off specific world events. Avilable flags include: animals, monsters, explosions, weather, fire, physics, and world.
/state <public|private>Sets the world to either public or private accessibility. Any one can visit public worlds, but only builders and owners are able to modify it.
/lock"Locks" the world by preventing any further changes being made by everyone.
/unlock"Unlocks" the world and allows changes to be made again.

Other Plugins

In addition to the Anax plugin, we have a range of other powerful building tools that you can use. Attached to each one you can find command documentation and guides to using them.

WorldEdit Building

WorldEdit is a powerful world manipulation tool which allows you to change thousands of blocks in an instant and sculpt the world around you. It is particularly useful for copy and pasting sets of blocks, flipping or rotating your clipboard, creating various shapes through commands and a large set of brushes. It also adds teleportation functionality to your compass like you see while playing on our servers.

Tutorials:DocumentationWorld Edit Basics (video) • WorldEdit Cheatsheet

VoxelSniper Building

VoxelSniper is a long-range sculpting tool which allows you to easily create detailed landscapes through a large selection of brushes and tools. The plugin shines when creating any sized natural landscape for your map.

Tutorials:Quick ReferencesVoxel Sniper Basics (video) • Voxel Sniper Cheatsheet

FastAsyncWorldEdit (FAWE) Building Tools

FAWE is an extension to WorldEdit which heavily improves performance, especially for large scale edits, and adds a considerable amount of additional useful commands and features. From melting brushes to visual previews, this plugin is an absolute must for WorldEdit users.

Tutorials:DocumentationCommandsFast Async World Edit Tutorial (video)

ArmorStandTools Tools

ArmorStandTools (AST) is a set of helpful tools to quickly and easily dress and manipulate armor stands in-game without messing around with confusing commands. Simply use /ast to be provided with a full suite of manipulation tools to move the body parts, apply armor, give custom heads, give names, and toggle size. Put simply, this tool allows you to customize every aspect of armor stands!

Tutorials:CommandsArmor Stand Tools Tutorial (video)

NBTEditor Tools

NBTEditor is an in-game NBT editor allowing you to customize various aspects of Minecraft including items and mobs that have NBT data. It has a powerful entity summoning toolset, Book of Souls, which allows you to create and control mob spawners with ease.


Importing Maps

You may have a map that you've previously created that you now want to continue developing on Anax. Good news, you can have it imported to Anax!

Before your map can be imported, it has to be pruned and zipped. You can contact any of the Map Developers in order to get your world imported. Please ask nicely and don't expect it to be imported straight away.

Final Notes

Anax is a place where you can experiment with different concepts and see how they turn out. Don't feel bad if your first map doesn't turn out how you had hoped. We all have to start somewhere, and with enough practice, you will become better and better and create that amazing map. With Anax being a community server, try and collaborate with other map makers to create something even better, get feedback on your own creations, or help out someone else with theirs. Finally, have fun with map making.

If you have any questions regarding any part of this guide, or something else related to map making, feel free to ask in the #mapmaking channel in our Discord server.