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YO. I haven't done one of these since my team got knocked out of the first last OCN tourney I think. IDK if anyone remembers me but I will answer any questions you have for me.

Ye I led the team Grim way back (lol folks) and yes my real name is Banjo.

hi i'm tryna join grim ?_?


opinion i am wh3p

grim's officially back

Do you play the banjo or any other musical instruments

when you write an ama and all you get is randies asking for opinions

opinion me and and opinion on ref

hi i'm tryna join grim ?_?

Pebble 1 year ago

ha hey a true classic, its my boy Pebble!


Valkyh 1 year ago

you are a toxic piece of shit that for some reason just shit talks everyone and swears way too much for no real reason.

However you can be pretty good at the game, like sometimes you are incredible at melee, you have your off days but you are pretty damn fine at click aim pvp

when are my grim tryouts

How are you?

How involved are you with stratus rn?

Curtains or blinds?

Best game?

Best movie?

Fav pizza?