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But what about the droid attack on the wookies

I do believe Eclipsen would say:

puts on sunglasses


Also epic meme from the guy above

Seems really cool! Can’t wait for the discord integration, fortnightly announcements and leaderboards reworks!

It makes me so happy this is finally public. I'm thrilled for our future, and hope you all are too! heart

wow is it going to be competitive rage!!?

JongbatavianYANK 10 months ago


If this actually happens, it is gonna be amazing!!

u guys need to hire weaboo511 as ADMIN my dudes

Why i am actually proud of what we have done together as a community, I haven’t done much as the staff have, but i’m just proud of being here, love this tho.

lmao, I suggest having a League Format in OCN, Im hyped that its finally happening

I'm looking forwards to the new opportunities that will come out if this, it's exciting:)

We want our games to offer the best competitive edge, which is why we are currently moving our plugins to a Minecraft 1.8 server base.

That means no more crafting lag when playing in 1.8? :O

Also damn, brett stepping down :C it feels like it was yesterday when he was banning me all the time in OCN hahaha

good luck man, and hype for the future!

All my ideas in a single post THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!


All these ideas, better late than never !

I’m very excited for these changes!!

Bring back ghost squadron