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u guys need to hire weaboo511 as ADMIN my dudes

mench 10 months ago

if he knows how to use all commands to the server.

I'd be happy to help, got plenty of días

I’m gonna miss BrettOgden he forum banned me on OCN.

I'd be happy to help, got plenty of días

whateverelse 10 months ago


Good stuff :D

Also rip tazz and brett, you will be missed

A mi me da ganas hasta seguir jugando

Ohoh this is good nibbasss

All that sounds really cool and all, but... What about 5k by Christmas!

Rip tazz and Brett will miss you

Amazing. Look forward to see what happens.

im here for competitive rage

I've been away for a long time, glad to see so much has been going on. Those expanded statistics intrigue me the most!

love this! hyperino