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Hello, after a bunch of work UHC is ready for a 1.0 release. There are quite a few changes to how the UHC's and a ton of updates since the beta release so let's run through them!


In order for players to know when UHC's will be hosted in advance, we have created a UHC Schedule. The calendar will include dates on when matches will be hosted as well as information about the match itself (format, scenarios, time). Matches will also only be hosted on one of these 5 days and only 1 per day max: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Weekday matches will tend to have smaller playercounts and more fun scenarios while the weekend will be for more serious games. The plan is to announce UHC's at least 1 day in advance.



With the release, we now have a UHC leaderboard! We now track: kills, wins (solo, teams and total), and gold ore mined. You are able to sort through any of these categories and search where you are through the rankings!


UHC Hosts

Along with the schedule, we now have UHC Hosts. For now, we have only chosen moderators as hosts as they need punish perms across the network. In the future though, we plan on opening up hosting to trusted community members. You can check all of the UHC hosts on our staff page.


  • No strip mining or pokeholing below y: 32
    • Digging to sounds and players are allowed
  • Rollercoastering is allowed (staircasing from y=32 to y=0 back to y=32)
  • No stalling, unless the scenarios permit it
    • Includes but is not limited to
      • Hiding underground once the border reaches a radius of 100 blocks
      • Making a skybase within a radius of 100 blocks of 0,0
  • iPVP during the grace period is not allowed (lava bucketing, flint and steel, etc)
  • Cross teaming is not allowed
  • Sacrificing yourself to give your gear to another team is not allowed
  • You cannot mention coordinates or a players loots after death -Relogging is allowed, but there is a limit to how often and how long you get disconnected.

Breaking any of these rules will result in an off record warn for first offence and a kick from the game for the second offence.

NOTE: Section A and E of the player rules also apply.


BloodDiamonds - take ½ heart of damage after mining diamond ore
Chicken - spawn with ½ heart and a notch apple
Cutclean - ores auto smelt and food auto cooks
DelayedMobs - mobs spawn after 10 minutes
Mobless - no mobs spawn at all, items given at the start of a match
TimeBomb - loot drops in a chest that will explode after 30 seconds
PortalDoor - doors teleport you to other doors
Rodless - rods can’t be crafted
Sharing: breaking an ore gives another to someone randomly
SkyHigh - after 40 minutes, take ½ heart of damage every 30 seconds you’re below y=100
WeakestLink - the player with the least health every 10 minutes die


/help displays a list of helpful commands
/rules lists all of the UHC specific rules
/uhc is now an alias to /map which lists the rules, scenarios and other misc facts about the match
/border lists what times the border will shrink and what they will shrink to
/health <username> (or /h) displays the health of the player specified
/teams <username> lists the teammates for the specified player, leaving it blank will list all teams
/pmcoords (or /pmc or /pc) sends your coordinates to your teammates

Team commands
/team invite <username> to invite a player to your team
/team accept <username> to accept an invitation
/team solo to be added to the solo queue
/team soloquit to be removed to the solo queue

What's Next

Now that UHC 1.0 is released, we will immediately begin development on 2.0! We will of course occasionally push new updates to 1.0 in order to keep things fresh and exciting, but most of our time will be spent on this new version. Features to look forward to are:

  • Base 1.8
  • Less lag in matches
  • Nether support
  • Scenarios easier to create
  • Added functionality with the new website
  • Automated alerts in game and in discord

We hope that you all enjoy UHC and look forward to what’s coming next!

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