Just a note on the few questions people have been asking:

As mentioned by ShinyDialga we will be having a Q&A shortly, please submit your questions to this google form and we'll be answering a bunch of them live on Twitch.

The Q&A has been postponed until a later time.

The Q&A will be held in a listen-only voice chat on this discord and will also be streamed on our Twitch (https://twitch.tv/stratusmc). During this time we will also be holding an event on Mixed.

I love that you're still working on keeping things fresh with PGM. Good luck with the rewrite.

Also I think you can steer clear of any valid comparison with the Hampton Disaster by simply not trying to replace PGM overnight with something that a junior developer threw together in 2 weeks. Hopefully that shouldn't be too hard. stuck_out_tongue

Martin 10 months ago

It is so cool to see old admins sticking around to see how stratus does.

someone unbanme from discord xdd

someone unbanme from discord xdd

Dokyle 10 months ago

DM an admin or senior mod and we'll deal with it.

I know it’s a long shot, but what’s the ETA?

So you guys are making progress, happy to hear that, as this server is the last chance for Minecraft to have competitive gamemodes

I know it’s a long shot, but what’s the ETA?

twynics 10 months ago


So what is planned to be trashed and what will the name of the new PvP Game Manager be called?

When do you plan to do the Q&A?

If you need any help, let me know.

Glad to see you kept the project alive, @ShinyDialga. Long time no see ;)

The Q&A will start at 7:30PM EST tonight on our Twitch.

EDIT: Thank you all for attending the Q&A, We've written up a recap post covering all the questions we answered.

can you guys just make a custom client or a complete minecraft clone (something like minetest)? because minecraft itself is a shitty game that is poorly optimized and you can natively support gamemodes without using an expensive plugin to do all the hard work. as well as implementing a client side anticheat. and also fixing stupid bugs that minecraft has like block glitching, bad fps, laggy players able to land hits even when out of reach, eating getting cancelled when you get another gapple so you spend twice the amount of time eating a gapple etc.