who are you talking to bro?

Suwubir 18 days ago

goodnight bro

Do you think stratus can rescue competitive and why or why not?

hi delta

favourite place to read a book?

favourite food?

favourite hobbies?


what has been the best joke made about dyselsfxai?

opinion deltasragon

Seuthy 25 days ago

i am not "deltasragon" so i cant give you an opinion sorry

he is afraid of our power

they just want to kiss lol

never heard of a "zivuri"

Deltuh 20 days ago

Sorry gsmer give me opinion on ZICURI aka ziculito

sup deltadragon222/deltuh

is this your other account?

opinion on ocal

Chicken Sandwich or chicken strips/fingers


CincoDeMayo 25 days ago





uhhhh i hate giving the as a person side of opinions so im just going to give you as a player

as a player i think ur good at melee and pretty ok at bow at least in terms of accuracy but ur decision making is bad and ur comms could be better as player overall you remind me of myself in like 2016

i am not "deltasragon" so i cant give you an opinion sorry

Deltuh 14 days ago

favorite cristian moment

favorite map in mine craft

favorite team to scrim

opinion Deltuh/DeltaDragon222 (your other account)

sup Deltuh/DeltaDragon222 how is your day going

  • top 5 beans pvpers

sup double ds

opinion on the one and only lordblox

opinion on me

was it my fault the dogos got second

oh ya also favorite seuthy moment

  1. favorite bruh moment
  2. opinion on me
  3. they did surgery on a grape
Okiba 23 days ago


uhhhh ur a cool guy and pretty decent player but ur a mute i wish you would have talked

they did surgery on a grape