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The year is coming to a close, which means we get to compare our yearly Spotify stats all over again. Head over to to check out what your most listened to songs are. Spotify curates 2 playlists, they're both worth a listen.

Anyways the fun part is always seeing how many minutes everyone has. I was a little disappointed to see my number dropped `1,800 (ish) minutes since last year, I was really hoping to grow the number.

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PS if anyone's looking for random new music, here's my top 100 songs of 2018. Maybe you'll find something you fancy smile_cat


enter image description here

Top 100

@Adam i wanna see yours

enter image description here


i've got apple music, not spotify premium, so i only use spotify on my pc and my playlists are transferred over

I don't use Spotify but I'm pretty sure my most played song is pumped up kicks

Cant post pics fuck help

idk how

Xuph 3 months ago

Haha I'm a legend mate, legends don't die they respawn GG10

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I dont know how in the world Avenged Sevenfold isn't there, but if it were up to me i would put them instead of All Time Low i barely even listen to them and its weird how the website put them in there.

Technicolour beat heart_eyes

Eudaldca 3 months ago

i haven’t gone out of my way to listen to oh wonder lately but i still do really like their music, it’s pretty good

I wish they had an Apple Music year in review thing but this is nice enter image description here

This is all over the place, but I use YouTube for music.

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