Hey, I'm Hivlik. Ask me stuff


Do u consider playing stratus?

How'd you feel leading Eclipse? Was it fun or was it a stressful experience?

Do you recognize any names here on Stratus? (Staff, players, etc)

How did you feel about 1.9 OCN?

Did you enjoy playing with PureBlox more or leading Eclipse?

Picajoluna says hi, btw.

why u didnt join punishers

What did you think of the change from 3 shot archer ladder to just normal bow?

Did you find uhc fun when me and others got you into it?

Favorite thing you miss about old reddit uhcs?

Favorite archer ladder opponent in the past?

rob :D

opinion if any (i’m magnace)

have you ever made a tiktok or musically?

better name from steelwool out of lintlicker and babypuncher?

how to be a stud like hivlik?

did u prefer to play ocn or badlion

This is not a shrew right?

enter image description here

best bowman of all time?

do you think 1.9 was the reason OCN died in the end?

what other games do you play now?

did you ever see eclipse as a top team?

any opinion of me?

Do you think you will play next tournament

If u could consciously reincarnate as any animal what would u choose


I’m the best core farmer still, right