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before kfc tournament

Ralloi 7 days ago

I honestly can't remember, but I know I was not at my most active in any tournament after House of Cores, so I may have just wanted to play more casually. I just looked up the bracket, so I saw that that's the one SteelWool played, so I think it's a safe bet to say I was just fucking around at that point. I never really liked the idea of playing for a Spanish team, I don't really have a solo-tank playstyle. I play much better screaming into my mic and getting info from my teammates, and I wouldn't have gotten that on a team that spoke Spanish. Most of all, I probably thought Pureblox would do better than Punishers, maybe because I was disappointed in Punishers' performance against Impact in that other tournament. Looks like I ate my words though, because looking at the bracket I see Punishers is the one that knocked SteelWool out.

Why dont you play competitive every once in a whil

Rockaror 7 days ago

Competitive what?

Why did you keep stealing my players just to lose and then disband...

AdamChen 7 days ago

I had this thing where I hated getting good players... it had to do with my ego in two ways. First, I didn't like the idea that another player might show me up on my own team. Second, and more importantly, I loved the idea of taking shit players and cultivating them to be gods. It's sort of this sick, manipulative thing where these really great players learned everything from me and owe me all their success. Weird.

So I picked up players on Pureblox whom I thought had some potential, maybe I had the impression they were really good at pvp or cannons but not very well rounded (buggy, minii, ultamate come to mind...) and tried to teach them all the stuff they were missing. It didn't quite go so well, because I actually was stifling a lot of their growth (I talked about this earlier in the thread) and I see that as where my team's failures came from. Eventually I saw that my model was not working and I started getting a life so I gave it up.

Also, what are you up to nowadays?

Opinion if you have one on me?

How do you feel knowing I’ve grown into a total hottie?

Do you ever go out of your way to help people with problems that perhaps take more effort than most people are willing to give?

You should join my hypixel guild we have a perfect bedwars strategy but Shane says it’s lame and throws.

Have you considered lifting weights? It’s good for the body and the mind!

For someone with such a huge ego you seem pretty desperate to be liked by everyone sometimes, like when that one guy basically stole me and pas’ eclipse pack, removed our names from it and made money off of it. You even took his side when we called him out, are you really that desperate for Minecraft clout?

How do you feel that I only just found out how to shoot straight with a bow two weeks ago from hypixel?

Although Badlion gave me my fame as well as my skillset, OCN remains one of the most creative and engaging set of gamemodes I've ever seen. If I had encountered it as a 30 y/o man, I would have pulled a haroldp and played it my entire adult life

Hivlik 7 days ago

and if I were beanp your frigid feminazi wife I'd continue to do the same as a means to both hold out on you and have a platform to proclaim men as predators and the sole perpetrators of sexual assault as women do not possess the tools for rape.

Competitive what?

Hivlik 6 days ago

competitive minecraft duh you fell off

serious question why did u keep me on eclipse and play me so much even tho I was the clearly the weakest pvp player on the team not that I was complaining tho ;)

Do you have a opinion on InLoc/BabyPuncher123 other than him being a inspiration to you and him teaching you how to play archer ladder

Remember when InLoc single handedly decimated your minecraft team?

Edit: Not answering stupid shit

Is this lachlan? I don't want to accidentally give my opinion of someone who didn't ask for it

Hivlik 6 days ago

Yeah im lachlan

Is there any backstory to the team name Eclipse?

I remember christhenoob, Morsinius, and a handful of others were known as the best badlion archers for a while before you started getting ranked at that top level. Did you ever have to adapt your gameplay when matched against them (or comparable top level archers) or were you always able to play the same way on any matchup?

Were you offered a place on any top tier OCN teams while Eclipse was active? Would you have considered joining one if you could?

Do you have any opinion of me?

Do you have any opinion of the team Trinity?

Do you have any opinion of the german team which was known as Team Unerfahren, Macht, and M8?

Ey boi how've ya been how's life?

Do you have a opinion on InLoc/BabyPuncher123 other than him being a inspiration to you and him teaching you how to play archer ladder

Remember when InLoc single handedly decimated your minecraft team?

UnderLoc 6 days ago

I only remember this 13:11

What is the true response to "how to be a stud like Hivlik"?

Answer A - Old Badlion AMA: "Spend 5 years of your life making Minecraft your #1 priority, become pretty good at everything but not exceptionally specialized at anything, and then slowly decline in popularity and importance out of the community that once provided you with everything you deemed important as you, suffering, watch the community itself decline"

Answer B - This AMA: "It's a funny mixture of lacking self awareness and overcompensating for that"

I think both replies actually show quite a large amount of self-awareness, and your honest answers to other questions seem to do the same, so answer B seems like a cover up for the real answer which is answer A.

Or you're hiding the true secret to becoming a stud like Hivlik... who knows?