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Hello everyone!

Today I am extremely excited to announce the release of the next generation of our private server system. We have completely overhauled the way private servers are reserved and how they are handled internally. This new system should help improve server lag and make the entire server purchase process more streamlined. If you already have a private server, you have already been moved over to the new system.

The new system is centered around something we are calling server requests. Unlike the old system, servers will only be online for as long as they are being used.* Each server is still linked to a specific user, but now it will need to be turned on by the owner in order to be used.

When you purchase a private server package at our store, you will be given permissions to request a private server for use via a command. When you run the command, a server linked to the specific user will be spun up and will be connectable within 1 minute of running the command.

To request a server, simply run /requestserver (or /re). When the command is executed, this message will be shown:

server request offline

If the server is already online, this message will be shown: server online

When a server is online, other users can connect to it using the /server command.

Thanks, Austin

* Servers stay up 10 minutes after they become empty. no matter of who was last online.

this is how it was on avicus right

this is how it was on avicus right

weaboo511 7 months ago

wow how smart cristian!!!

Thanks to ALM for implementing private servers

I don’t think you obtained /server alm legally mr hackerman