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Stratus Ranked

Hello, I'm very pleased to finally unveil something myself and the event staff have been working on for quite a few months now, Stratus Ranked, an individual pick-up game style league system that we'll be using to develop a leaderboard of the best current competitive players, which we can then use for Prime Time events, Team rankings, and more! We also feel it'll help reduce the steep learning curve of our tournaments, and encourage newer casual players to play more serious matches and develop competitive skills.

We're releasing this in Beta now as we'd like to get the competitive community playing actively between tournaments and mini events. Sometime after Operation Ares is released, we'll be working to automate this system to allow any number of people to play anytime, and we'll integrate player rankings into our website to give a much more accurate leaderboard of the best players on Stratus.

We've teamed up with Kiivo Kiivo and Gecy Gecy to develop a ranking system that's both challenging, fun and exciting. We're going to be hosting All-Star Prime Time events with top leaderboard players, and to start all this, we've collected an exciting map pool of 5v5 maps including two brand new editions, Basilica and Factori (Badlion's Factory).
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Without further ado, log into Discord, register, and jump in a queue! We're excited to see who makes it to the top 10 for our first season.

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Introducing Stratus Ranked: Season II

Ranked has returned for another season! With a refined scoring system, new maps, modified rules and more, we're ready to see who will climb the leaderboard and participate in our All-Star events!

Ready to play? Join our Ranked Discord, register, and join a queue!

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Thank you for basilica and factory so much this is so amazing I am so glad you guys are doing this

Promote Sharpie already

bYuri 6 months ago

hype also this man knows


Espero que disfruten de todo esto :D

So like, official pugs?

Espero que disfruten de todo esto :D

Gecy 6 months ago


It's about time

looks fun :)

i enjoyed holding the #1 spot for a few hours sunglasses

Change 5v5 maps everyonce in a while and remove voting, replace it with veto instead (prevents tied votes) (also other people not in the group of 10 can vote aswell lol)

Thank you for basilica and factory so much this is so amazing I am so glad you guys are doing this

WULL1AM 6 months ago

yo waldo it's been a while