Hey better that than my promotion to Sr Mod. Wasn't even on the staff team prior to my promotion laughing

Not that I have any knowledge on the promotion reasoning, but seniority in a role doesn't always mean the best for a promotion.

Crazy_ 28 days ago

We both know your case was very different

We both know your case was very different

kalamander 27 days ago

I mean, of course if was, I have Brett to thank for myself and Pants being promoted straight up. But that promotion caused more issues than this will ever will.

I have nothing against either of them but just wondering what the reasoning is behind promoting a mod who just rejoined the staff team, and wasn’t even on it for a year yet, when there are like 10 other mods who have been on the stratus mod team for 1-2 years now

Regardless grat

kalamander 28 days ago

Its called bias my friend, this server is freaking biased