Hello everyone!

Today I am really excited to announce that Operation Ares will go into open beta tomorrow (July 1) at 12:00 AM EDT. This open beta will last until mid August and will consist of multiple tests per week where you can give feedback. At the end of the beta period, all PGM services will be shut down after a massive party celebrating the last 7 years of PGM.

Operation Ares: A Recap

Eight months ago we announced Operation Ares, a long-term plan to rewrite our entire plugin and server infrastructure to allow us to progress into the future as a competitive network. In short, PGM is too big and expensive to maintain and use at scale, and we needed a new solution. Now, 8 months later, we're nearing the end of this undertaking and are excited to get the community involved for the final stretch.

To its core, Operation Ares is focused on being reliable, scalable and efficient. The plugin is written in Minecraft 1.8, meaning we'll have consistent 1.8 knockback & hit detection, no misplacement, fixed TNT and more! We're also adding Leak Proximity to DTC along with a few other gamemode changes to be announced in the future. Finally, we're restructuring our punishment system, something we've been unable to do until now, to add Mutes, a long-awaited solution for chat infractions.


Our team has worked hard to gather a group of event hosts which will be working closely with the devs to run tests and gather feedback. During these tests, an OA server will be running at pre.stratus.network (1.7-1.14) which will contain the most up-to-date code from the development team. During these tests, members of the community will be encouraged to give feedback via a google form which will be closely monitored by our development and marketing teams. These tests will happen multiple times a week, with an announcement in discord at least an hour in advance explaining what the test is for and who is hosting. We will be adding an @OA Tester role (similar to @UHC) which you can opt in to in order to receive test notifications. Some tests will be targeted toward certain features, such as knockback or a certain gamemode. For larger tests, we'll be pinging @here.

Diminished Network Services

Starting at midnight, Event and MapDev will be shut down in order to devote more resources to OA services. As the beta progresses, we will be shutting down the lobby and opening up an always-online lobby at pre.stratus.network. Private servers will remain purchasable until an equivalent replacement is available on OA. When that happens, all currently purchased servers will stay up until they expire. You will then be able to purchase Operation Ares private servers via the store just as you do now. We'll be releasing more information in the coming weeks about any changes we are making to the system. These changes will not have any effect on servers purchased before the cutoff date.

Summer Sale

Today we also launching a Summer Sale! This sale will last until August 1st and will consist of the following discounts:
* Ranks: 15% off
* Tokens: 25% off
* PGM Servers: 10% off

On behalf of the entire development team, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and feedback. We're in the home stretch now folks, and the finish line is in sight. Exciting things are sure to come! Stay tuned to the forums and discord for further updates.

The Administration Team

Hype! It's been a long journey, super excited to see what doors this opens

Good shit my man

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Hello please add an anticheat on the operation ares thingy that s all I request idc bout the knockback

Hello please add an anticheat on the operation ares thingy that s all I request idc bout the knockback

Danhookah 3 months ago

no don't

Welp, time to do more giveaways.

Very cool, is there a league feature