sup winne for bumping ur thread can i have a free drawing

subibi 10 days ago

sup vex for money

vouch give him all ur money

dont be fooled he drew me for free

really good art but he is a cop now so -1 rep

He made a sick commision for me and here i am asking for more its sick! make sure to watch his streams when he draws it

Super fast and professional

I very much recommend Gayquil for your art needs :)

I have also started streaming the commissions, OP updated

this guy is like if kurt cobain was really gay.
support him, nice guy. i give him a 4/5 star star star star x

More awesome work by Andruewwwwwwww




Rau1 14 days ago


I paid this guy for a dope drawing of my and my fiancee and it came out beautifully. One of my best decisions of my life. Would pay again.

P.S. I paid this guy to be my frined smile