:. o(≧▽≦)o .:☆hey guys any ogs still on here? :p idk but anyway haha me and shane are gonna be answering questions about our upcoming sophmore album. tbh u can ask any question and we'll answer no matter how crazyit is . dont get offended by our answers tho but tbh i dont really care if u get offended(english only pls)ᕙᓄ(☉ਊ☉)ᓄᕗ enter image description here

I love your profile dedicated to omniox heart_eyes

What have you guys been doing/playing after OCN?

Was Archon top 5?!?!?!

Shoutout og girl gamers

What have you guys been doing/playing after OCN?

slayersource 1 month ago

shanes a manager at wendys and im a ritalin dealer. we been cookin up in the stu lately and we dipping our toes in the rap industry. also kdragon is dead


still rockin the jewfro?

can i be added back into the discord pls. i miss talking to u guys ;-;

mans put on some weight

auze 1 month ago

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