What brought you to stratus

Did you ever know danteh?

Why did you make flank warning rather than keeping shrew as a team? I mean you guys got 2nd in wool-e, why disband?


Should omniox be unbanned?

not even the right lyrics, fake fan

shrw 14 days ago

Im not quoting tyler that guy has fallen off since Goblin

Yo harvey, I'm just doing this cus i'm boring... anyway, I'm eloz and if you've got any opinion I''m looking forward for it, I think i've pvped you in an arena match as "W8YOU"... actually idk if you know me for any other reason but ye

IlPapaya 19 days ago

sup - tbh i always remember you as the guy that played in 1.9 (?) never had a problem fighting you in public and i dont think you've ever been on a good team to show how good you are so i cant really judge apart from the encounters we've had on mixed and arena i guess i'd say you've improved recently whether you switched versions idk, but ya still not the best but above average. Haven't spoken to you so cant judge you as a person but you arent a rat kid so thats good 8^)