Spoooook how's it been, long time.

If you could meet any one person from uhhh lets see, Apollo, who would it be and why.


Hows life chief?


did you hate me during the grim ocn times? i felt like banjo and max were super harsh with you but i never wanted to be

omg hey andrea ok ok

I used to think you didn’t like me back on grim but I think it’s just we didn’t really talk that much. Since playing that 4v4v4v4 mini event and wool-e with you we’ve talked lots more and you’re super chill and a very cool person. Definitely had a lot of fun playing those tournaments with you. You’re also a nutty player so I’d like to shmoke some more teams in future tournaments alongside you. #ValhallaVirginsForever

Tysiac 16 days ago

Hahaha VV 4L <3


is apollo ur all time favourite team, yes or yes?

how will you feel when you finish outside the top 6 and lampard gets sacked in a years time?

would you rather have Kante or Sparkz in CDM?

what music do u listen to? any particual genres songs or artists?

favourite fruit?

album of the year so far?

what do u wanna do at uni/where?

hope ur doing well

ohshit dk if u remember me but how u doing g?

Opinion my fellow minecrafter

zicuri 16 days ago

Zic broski what’s up

I think it’s nothing new when I say I didn’t really like you on avicus (loool) but since playing and talking with you properly on badlion/stratus we really get along well and you’re a very funny guy. I think you’re a good player too for every gamemode pretty much sunglasses

Spoooook how's it been, long time.

If you could meet any one person from uhhh lets see, Apollo, who would it be and why.

Cyclops 16 days ago

It has been a while holy shit, yeah I’m doing well thanks hope everything is good with you

Probably legoche because he was one of my better friends on the team and was pretty much the reason I got started with competitive minecraft properly. We always talked about meeting up too but never got around to it. Another would be Eric/Xuph because again we were/are really close and I think it’d be really cool to share our different cultures whether it be him visiting London again or me going out to visit him.

fav song rn?

actualneek 16 days ago

The entire pulp fiction soundtrack


Tulip 16 days ago

You’re a ridiculously nutty player and super underrated but also really down to earth and a cool guy. I enjoy playing with you a lot and hope we can more in the future as well. Glad you played with shrew in wool-e because you’re probably one of the main reasons we did so well. Love your memes as well.