Heyo, Zombabwe is a three year old community and we have recently started playing on a vanilla minecraft survival world again. We're looking for some trustworthy and chill players to come help us accomplish our epic builds.

Let me know if you wanna play or message me on discord: Sam#5014. We're obviously not gonna let everyone in so please consider motivating your message.

We started actively playing 29 august, so we got quite some stuff. If you start from 0 or let us help you is up to you.

Seaside view of spawn: enter image description here

Mine and #FreeLeogods WIP modern mansion:

enter image description here

Ref & Nathy's base https://gyazo.com/fda4d577d336de9751c0e170a8056642

Heldius and ag0nes base enter image description here

A sneakpeak of Bestaquiio's OCN museum

enter image description here

We're all Stratus/OCN players!

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WnnE 10 days ago


Mench last located buying 6 cooked salmon at my shop!!

enter image description here

new addition to the realm!!! hes making weird noises O_o ?

Still looking for a couple active interested players