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Appealed Automatic
Punisher Punished Reason Type Status Date
Luis_ BinL Maintain a casual atmosphere in chat, be respectful towards others Kick 3 days ago
Luis_ irenedenney Hacking - Fly Ban Permanent 3 days ago
Luis_ Lordbluerider Team Grief - Breaking own team's supply chests and blocking own team's spawn exit Ban Permanent 4 days ago
amactus Kdragon35 Suicide encouragement is not tolerated! Forum Ban Permanent 4 days ago
Eudaldca Pasalecqua Homophobic post Forum Ban Expires in 4 days 4 days ago
OCNs_OMEN HairyMiner17 Ban evasion - dash_79 Ban Permanent 4 days ago
stupid3700 WolfgangKruger Ban evasion Ban Permanent 4 days ago
wylt haha43613 Cheating - FastPlace, Speed Ban Permanent 4 days ago
PhantomOrion XEO_0210 You were repeatedly told to refrain from racist slurs. Ban Expires in 3 days 4 days ago