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Appealed Automatic
Punisher Punished Reason Type Status Date
CINCODEMAYO PsiHG Cheating is NOT allowed! Anti-KB Ban Permanent 3 days ago
CINCODEMAYO Dantes_guide Hacking is NOT allowed! Bhop, High Jump Ban Permanent 3 days ago
stupid3700 NohVender Ban evasion Ban Permanent 4 days ago
Pibo iKealus_ Hacking - Fly Ban Permanent 4 days ago
shaarpie MattJames36 Please be respectful towards other users and maintain a casual atmosphere in chat Ban Expired 1 day ago 4 days ago
Campeh Ferrign Don't spam please! Ban Expires in 3 days 4 days ago
BGMP LukeZurg24 Hacking - Speed Ban Permanent 5 days ago