Stratus Event Sponsorships - Outline & Perks

Stratus Bowl is the first Stratus event in which we are trialing sponsorships!
Sponsors can be anyone, from a ginormous company advertising their shop, to your neat personal project.

Costs: a sponsorship is $20 for a single weekend, $35 for two weekends and $50 for three weekends.

To apply, please email with the following information:

  • Business name
  • Email address at which we may contact you at (business or personal)
  • Minecraft and/or Discord usernames (if you have these)
  • Your brand logo
  • An advertisement poster, to be broadcast on stream: If you do not have a poster, we will use your logo.

Email us at with any questions.

Sponsor perks:
  • Custom brand poster and blurb broadcasted each day between match streams
  • Custom 160 character brand blurb posted on our website and in our Events Discord
  • Sponsorship brand mentioned in our Discord servers,
    in the event information and winner posts, as well as in various locations throughout the event
  • Brand featured in one Stratus Tweet every event weekend
  • On-stream Strato giveaway in your brand’s name
  • Custom logo/image in the event lobby

Businesses looking to advertise a product for purchase or a shop
are required to provide a minimum 10% discount coupon to buyers acquired thanks to the Stratus sponsorship.

Our socials:

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Sponsorship materials will only be accepted if compliant with our rules and Terms of Service.

Looking forward to sweet deals and getting your brand some attention!

- Stratus Product Team