Duels: Season 2v2

Duels Season 2

Season 1 sure was a long one. Its time is nearly over as Season 2 will have its first beta test right after the Prime Time event! There will be an exclusive cosmetic for all beta testers who play a match to thank them for testing the new system. It’s been in the works since Season 1 launched, so there are plenty of new features to discuss!


To celebrate Season 2, we are adding 2v2! Play together with others to take on the world! Your ranking is shared with your teammate, so be sure to push up those 2v2 leaderboards together! This means that you will have multiple 2v2 rankings based on who you are playing with, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your ranking by playing with someone who is bad.

To start off this new system, we will be launching this system with the brand new Stratus 2v2 ladder! Everything will be the exact same as the 1v1 ladder. Since this system is brand new, we didn’t want to oversaturate the server with too many 2v2 ladders. Fear not though, as other ladders will be coming to 2v2 ranked in future seasons! If a certain ladder gets enough attention to demand a 2v2 ladder, it may get its day soon.



Based on the PGM map Cannon Duel, this explosive ladder is sure to leave quite an impact. You are given plenty of materials for building a TNT cannon to blow up your opponent. Speed is key in this ladder, so make sure you can build a cannon fast! If the match goes on too long, a narrow bridge will connect the two islands together.


Inspired by the popular minigame, the goal of this ladder is to protect your bed from the enemy. Each team starts with 3 lives, and they are lost the moment your bed is broken. The two beds are connected by a 1 block wide bridge, so be careful not to fall off! You are also given cobblestone and pickaxe to attack and defend.


Defeat your enemy using… a cactus? On an arena made almost entirely out of sand, figure out a way to get your opponent to walk smack dab onto a cactus! You also get an egg with a 1 second cooldown to knock them right into your trap. This prickly ladder will debut as a Casual Ladder.

If you play any game during the Season 2 beta tests, you will get an exclusive Cactus Helmet for this ladder. It will be automatically unlocked after your first match finishes regardless if you win or lose. Wearing it will surely confuse your opponent!

War Wars

This ladder is the objectively best ladder. There is no need to play anything else but this. Destroy the enemy core on this grand map to win.

Water Drop

Keep water dropping to stay alive. You have three lives, so make them all count.


Bridge as fast as you can to the score region. You have three points to spare. Scoring loses one of your opponent’s lives, while dying loses one of your lives.


Sadly, due to their small popularities, these ladders will be converted to Casual Ladders. They will no longer have a ranked ladder and will not count for global either. You will still be able to duel other players or parties with these ladders for fun. If their popularity increases again, we may re add them back to the rotation in the future.


In order to play 2v2, you first have to take advantage of our new party system! Click any player in the lobby or use /party to invite someone to your party. Once people are accepted, you are then allowed to queue up for larger ladders. Parties can also duel themselves or duel against other parties. While ranked ladders are currently restricted to 2v2 at the most, you can /duel with as many people you like on any ladder. Parties are not network wide and are only active on the duels server. There is no limit to how many people can be in a party, so go wild!


Now everybody can spectate. Use /spectate to follow a person around as they play their matches.


Leaderboards have received an upgrade! There is now a live updating hologram version floating around the lobby. On top of that, the leaderboards now display your current position! Now you can see how good you are compared to the best. 2v2 leaderboards have also been added.

Quick Action

A new convenient way to play with someone has been added. Punch or click any player in the lobby to open the Quick Action menu. From there, you can add them to your party, send them a duel request, or check out their stats.

Tab List

No longer are the days of an eyesore tab list. A fancy new tab list has been added that works with every Minecraft version! It displays statistics about the server as well as your current ELO for all ladders.

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