[SUG] Some website suggestions related to stats

Hi everyone!

I've been using your website a lot during the past 2 weeks, and I've got some features that I would like to be done.

Trophies ladder

First of all, I thought of giving some more importance to trophies. As you reward people participating in holiday events (such as Halloween or Christmas) and the winning teams of big and small tournaments with trhophies, I think you could increase their value by creating a ladder in which the people that have a particular trophy are displayed. In my opinion, there shouldn't be lists for the 'Sign me up' and 'Sapper' trophies, as almost everybody got them, but 10k kills, Beta Participant and events and minievents should have a ladder. To finish this section, I would also suggest a leaderboard of trophies. I mean, a list that shows who have the most trophies.

Wins and losses in the stats

It's quite clear that you aren't going to add the objectives leaderboard because many people are against the idea. Nevertheless, there's a thing that could encourage team work: wins and losses in the profiles, in-game stats and website stats. People would communicate with their team, they will defend and most of them will do their best to win. If it is well done, it isn't farmable at all. Just prevent donor stacking and make that useless little matches don't count (like what you do with the match MVP feature).

Add MVP to website and statistics

MVPs are a good thing in my opinion and could have several features. I suggest adding an MVP counter to the profiles and displaying the MVP of the match in the match webpage. Maybe it doesn't work in a very obvious way, but MVP often describes who is the best player (*), so adding it to the website without creating a leaderboard would be great.

*: Before people get mad at this statement, 'often', for me, is a frequency adverb that means between 60%-70% of the times. Taking into account that half of the maps are 'kills maps' (TDM, KoTH, RAGE and CTF), MVP is correct, at least, 50% of the times, because only kills are taken for the MVP and that's a numerical truth. Furthermore, in blocks, objectives and defense maps (CTW, DTM and DTC), MVP is sometimes right. Therefore, that would make a 60% or more.

Well, I hope staff liked any of my ideas and developers work on some of them. Discuss it and be polite!

Those ideas would increase single playing and not team playing, which is the main objective in public matches

There's a thing that could encourage team work: wins and losses in the profiles, in-game stats and website stats.

Thank you for the suggestions. Some of these have already been considered but never made it to the public. We hope to look into adding more stats to the website in the future so once we are looking to do that, we will look at your suggestions and discuss them being included.

Wins and losses don't encourage individual playing. Furthermore, it's one of the things that OCN would have needed to reduce farming.

Trophies encourage what they have to encourage. I mean, 'Advent Master' trophies are given to the people who played much time and well during Christmas, but 'Stranger Cores' trophy is given to the players that won that tournament. So it has no sense saying that this encourages single playing, because it isn't really related to it.

MVP might make people play for stats and not care about winning or losing, but, as the only two things I suggested is adding the MVPs to the matches pages and an MVP counter in the profiles, it doesn't look like a thing to farm. It just shows how much that player has helped or tryharded for their team.

If you could explain your points better rather than saying only that would be great.

It's nice to hear that!

+1 for all of them

I don't understand what's wrong with adding objective leaderboards. Solo play is part of the game. Brings out the best of each team. I highly doubt that not having a leaderboard stops people from getting objectives. And that's what wins the team the match

I agree with you, but some people aren't open to that.

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