Operation Ares Alpha Testing - Bugs and Feedback

Please post about any bugs or errors you found during the testing in this thread.

Kill being counted as void fall after kncking people off

On 1.13 at least the oxygen bubble keeps popping up every few seconds

Also /leave says "You're already in a match"

you can get stuck floating in the void if you get knocked off defending the wool because you arent able to enter the wool room

Whenever I try to type a long message I get disconnect for disconnect.spam. (Before I even send it)

The Sharkskill Alpha Operation Ares Bug List:

Bug 1 — Brackets on arrow shots messages are inconsistent.

Bug 2 — Hitting the ground doesn't show distance and has one ( at the end.

Bug 3 — In bow shot kill messages sometimes it won't have a s on the end of blocks.

Bug 4 — You can't break the fences on the Deepwind Redux to get into the wool room.

Bug 6 — You can't move wool around in your inventory if someone has capped that wool.

Bug 7 — Anyone has permission to do /me.

Bug 8 — You can /start multiple times to reset timer.

Bug 9 — You can't bridge on red's side on cargo. Error message: "You can't underbridge".

Bug 10 — You can't place blocks on some of blue's side on cargo. Error message. "You can't build in the void".

Bug 11 — Achievements show up.

Bug 12 — You can use boats to glitch into any reigons.

Bug 13 — You can shoot yourself with a bow.

Bug 14 — Anyone has permissions to do /start.

Bug 15 — You can do multiple /gs and presumably /ts like /g /g /g /g /g /g /g /g /g /g hi.

Bug 16 — When you place blocks in the height limit it says translation: 'error.max-build-height.

Bug 17 — You can dig into the sides of the woolrooms on that iron block cog map.

Bug 18 — You can keep moving after being killed and an alive player can see this for a second after the dead and moving player has died.

Bug 19 — You can sometimes keep being hit after being killed.

Bug 20 — You can place blocks and blow up things in reigons that you can't walk into on harb.

Bug 21 — You can go out of back of spawn on blue team on harb.

Bug 22 — You get moved when you take fall damage near another player.

Bug 23 — You take fall damage on spawning in harb.

Subjectively debateable gameplay elements.

  1. Wool colours in tab for touched/placed/not touched wools.
  2. Knockback is very high, especially for bows.
  3. Bow decimals.
  4. Certain grammer mistakes.

Missing Features

  1. No /msg
  2. No /tp
  3. No /match
  4. No /map


v1.0 — Initial bugs found sumbitted.

v1.0.1-v1.0.9: Added more bugs.

v1.1.0: Added so many bugs that I needed to change a different version number.

v1.1.1-v1.1.9: Added more bugs.

v1.2.0: Added so many more bugs that I needed to change a different version number again.

v1.2.1-v1.2.2: Added more bugs.

v2.0.0 — Reformatted bug list to be more clear.

v2.0.1 — Fixed formatting bugs

v2.1.0 — Added more bugs, clarified some bugs and added other sections.

When you join a team and press tab, it doesn't move your team to the left side of tab list (i guess this would be post 1.7 only but still)

this isnt a bug necessarily you just entered the wrong border region

Due to being in gamemode adventure, the worldedit compass and axe don't work when left clicking on blocks.

TNT damages allies.

An error message in chat says "You can no under bridge"

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