Between Two Tourneys - An Update from the Event Team

Hello everyone!

After some discussion in our latest meeting, the event team has some information about future events that we’d like to share to keep the community up to date on some of our plans.

Future Tournament

The current goal is to have two big events during the late spring/summer season. The next tournament will be CTW 7v7 or 8v8 with a maximum roster size of 14 players and will likely be using the typical single gamemode format with a group stage qualifiers followed by invitationals.

Our target for the event is in the next couple months however the biggest obstacle is maps. We wish to have a map pool composed of new maps, or at the very least maps that have not been played to death (i.e. Golden Drought III). This is where we need help from the community to create and test maps and build a solid map pool for the next tournament. We've heard your feedback and plan to announce a polished map pool by the time we fully announce the next tournament. Keep an eye out on the Stratus Events discord for testing on /server Event within the near future.

Mini Events

A frequent suggestion we get about events is to host them more frequently, while that’s something we would love to do, we simply can’t rush a tournament with an incomplete map pool. To bridge the gap we wish to host more frequent mini events like Emperor of the Wool and keep teams engaged.

We hope this information will hold you over as we prepare for our next event. Feel free to ask any questions or post feedback. Thank you for reading!

I am happy that Stratus wants to do more Tournaments / Events but please let CTW rest now, it is repetitive, the strat and the style play never changes. I would like to see a DTC tournament soon.

It is also much better 5v5 tournaments, more teams = more fun

I love playing dtc, awesome gamemode, but nobody wants to play it, so a tournament with 5 teams thats not good.

SCores - DTC

IWools - CTW

FullMC - Conquest

S:itG - Mixed (with a lot of CTW being played)

??? - CTW


its time for dry dtm sunrise over paradise TE cake wars and balloons dtm TE map pool, thank me later

also 16 player roster

if u want to do a ctw tm first fix ctw, because every map is the same shit but with different blocks tbh, gameplays are just going to sky and pvp like 8 braindead guys and hope some guy do 15cps and staircase to wool

They are giving you guys months of advance. Cut your rosters down to 14 and stop crying about it.

To respond to those questioning why we're doing a CTW tournament over DTC, I think the current issues with DTC speak for themselves. We hope to reintroduce DTC to competitive with the release of Operation Ares as both player displacement and TNT damage/knockback will be fixed by that point.

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