Looking for suggestions for end match message of unixbot

You probably encountered the message at the end of the match that unixbot say like "good job!", "gg!" or "Great match!".

Today I'm asking you player of the Stratus Network to submit to me suggestion about messages that unixbot will say at the end of the match.

Before submitting please refrain from submitting messages that:

  • Directly target a team and/or a player, for example: "Good job red but shame on you blue for losing!"
  • Contain insult/bad words
  • Don't relate at all to the fact that the match just ended (you can innovate but remember that the message will be displayed at the end of the match for everybody)

If you want to take inspiration from the initial list, here it is:

'Good job!', 'gg', 'Great match!', 'Good game!', 'Nice match!', 'Great game!', 'Well played!', 'Nice job!', 'What a match!'

england are superior to america

Game over. The better team wins!

Mission Failed, You'll Get 'Em Next Time.

Press F to pay respects

Positive work everyone! Effort from both groups of users concluded the few moments lasting interaction in the game of crafting. Thus, resulting in a victory of a certain shade of color, while causing the opposite to the other.

hum thanks, a bit long for an end message

My ideas:

  1. "Stunning match!"
  2. "Close match, but we have a victor!"
  3. "Winner winner, chicken dinner!"
  4. "Finally, an ending!"
  5. "We're in the endgame now."

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