[PSA] Anax World Prune and Reversion to 1.8

Following the PSA regarding Making Your Maps Future-Proof, we have decided to start transitioning Anax, our map making server, to a Minecraft 1.8 server environment. This change will not only make mapmaking easier going into the future, but also resolves some of Anax’s glaring issues.

Anax is infamous for crashing after performing certain World Edit actions or not carrying them out how you would expect it to. This is entirely due to the incompatibility between FastAsyncWorldEdit and SportBukkit; a modified version of CraftBukkit. Since the 1.8 server will be running SportPaper, a modified version of Spigot, instead of SportBukkit, FastAsyncWorldEdit will be working as intended and the frequency of crashes will be drastically reduced. Additionally, NBTEditor will be working again as well.

Unused Worlds Will be Pruned

Currently, Anax has close to 450 worlds, which is a huge amount. Before we enter the next phase of Anax, we will be removing worlds that are not “active” from the server. Any map that does not meet the following criteria will not be considered active and will be removed:

  • Modified between the 25th of April 2019 and the 25th of May 2019
  • Contains an actual map creation (is not spammed blocks or empty)

All worlds are backed up and copies of the region files will be retained even after being removed from the server. We recommend downloading any worlds that you want to keep that you are no longer working on as soon as possible. If you are no longer able to access Anax but have worlds on it that you want, please contact any of our Map Developers and they will be able to provide you with a download.

The Server Will be Reverting to Minecraft 1.8

Like the servers running Operation Ares, Anax will also be reverting to Minecraft 1.8, which means any worlds that use any Minecraft 1.9+ features will have them changed to something compatible with Minecraft 1.8. This will include both blocks and items, which will be done before the switch is made. While we aim to preserve the integrity of each and every map as much as possible, there is the chance something may not be exactly how you want it anymore.

Again, before this process is done, all the worlds will be backed up so nothing substantial will be lost. If you are worried about any of your worlds, we can only advise that you download your worlds before the 25th of May 2019 so that you have an unedited version of it yourself.

While we are on the topic of Anax, I would like to address one question that has been circulating in the community recently.

Why is Anax Donor-Only?

Currently, Anax is in a donor-only Beta phase and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. We want to give the map making community as much support as we can, and obviously, a dedicated map making server that you can all access is an important aspect of that. However, before we can feel comfortable with inviting everyone to use Anax, we need to know with complete certainty that it is as stable as possible and that we can properly support the sudden increase in access to the server.

Previously, the donor-only aspect of Anax was not strictly enforced as it was all done manually and wasn’t particularly easy to moderate. Now that Anax is connected to our network ranks, it is easier to control who has access, and thus non-donors no longer have access to Anax in order to properly respect the beta-access perk promised to donors.

We truly understand how important a resource such as Anax is to community map makers. It’s not only a place to build your own creations, but also a place to support the server. Anax won’t in be beta forever, but in the meantime, you can look into creating your own local map making workspace.

Do you think anax will be out of beta by the summer?

Will voxelsnipers /b e melt get enabled/work again after the transition?

However, before we can feel comfortable with inviting everyone to use Anax, we need to know with complete certainty that it is as stable as possible and that we can properly support the sudden increase in access to the server.

How about making a subforum for Anax applications in the future, so only people interested on mapping can join, instead of literally anyone?

I agree with this. An application instead of anyone joining is much better

There is currently no target date or expected date for this to happen. I personally would like to have it out as soon as possible, but there’s still lots of stuff outside of my domain that needs to be done first.

We have been considering taking this approach.

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