Two tournament CTW maps that will be tested this week

Sup. This post is to highlight some of the map design elements of two different tournament CTW maps I've made for the upcoming 8v8 CTW tournament. I don't want to spam info in the game chat when players ask questions about how the map is supposed to work, so just read this. Feel free to ask questions and pick my mind as to why I made certain things the way they are.

For this CTW tournament, we are really trying to reinvent how the gamemode is played. No more GD3-like mid islands and no more NextGen-like corner wool rooms. These maps attempt to shake up how we play CTW.

Route 12 ## ΒΆ

enter image description here
with help from Tywnis and Strangey

Route 12 is a PTW map - Plant The Wool. You need to reach enemy wool room just like normal CTW but, instead of bringing the wool back to place on your side, you need to place it on the wool monument on the enemy side.



Tunnel Vision ## ΒΆ

also authored by Xerocoles

Tunnel Vision takes inspiration from the RFW community (its literally named the same as one of the most popular RFW maps by Vechs). You have two very different lanes that do very different things in your approach to the wool rooms, and you cannot cross the void unless you are near spawns/in control of the middle of the map.


Tunnel Vision looks great.

PTW looks pretty cool! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»

Route 12 map looks similar to one of mine wtf

Delete tunnel vision asap.

The other one looks good, but probably too flat. Leaf things might help

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